Languages Partnerships

Festival of Languages

Giving primary pupils a taste of specialist language teaching in a wide variety of modern foreign languages

Portsmouth High School GDST (GSA)
8 state primary schools:
Cottage Grove,  Fernhurst, Highfield School
Mengham Junior School, Newbridge Junior School
Oakwood, St Swithuns , Westbourne House
plus Portsmouth High’s own Prep School

Objective:  To give primary pupils a taste of a wide range of languages – Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Russion, Urdu, German and others – with the help of older pupils and specialist language teachers. Senior School pupils joined specialist teachers in leading the sessions to teach a carousel of ten taster lessons ranging from Japanese, Chinese and Finnish to Russian, Urdu and German.

Impact: Primary pupils experienced a carousel of 10 taster lessons while older pupils were able to join specialist language teachers to impart their love of languages.