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Bury Grammar School Girls was founded in 1884 and maintains high academic standards and traditional grammar school values whilst encouraging each girl to develop her individual talents and abilities in a lively environment which responds to the challenge of change.

The school is conveniently situated near the centre of the town and the bus-tram interchange. Facilities are regularly improved and updated; the school already has new and refurbished accommodation for Modern Foreign Languages, Art, Textiles, Food Technology and ICT. The next stage of the project will be the creation of a dedicated sixth form pre-university centre which will be used jointly by girls and boys.

Traditional teaching methods are combined with pupil-centred learning work, group work, investigative work and a problem-solving approach. PE and Music are well established; in recent years the School has been represented in regional and national teams. The Festival Choir gives concerts internationally and in the UK. There are also two orchestras, string quartets, a flute choir and a jazz band.

The Junior School has its own purpose-built premises with shared use of the Hall, Gymnasium, Sports Hall, and Swimming Pool. The large and attractive classrooms, Music Room and Library/Computer suite provide a comfortable and very pleasant environment in which junior girls learn and work.

Particular emphasis is placed on the teaching of skills in reading, writing and mathematics. The combination of a dedicated staff and excellent facilities allows girls to maintain the high academic standard enriched by many extra-curricular activities.

The purpose-built co-educational Infant School includes a pre-school taking pupils who will become 3 during the academic year. In lively and stimulating surroundings the children progress rapidly in all six areas of learning. They make use of the pool, have specialist PE instruction, their own dedicated gymnasium and tuition in music in a specially designed music room. The focal point of the building is the central octagonal hall used for assemblies and performances. Pupils also have access to a unique and exciting rooftop play area and a Learning Resource Area with supervised computer access. There is a Breakfast Club before school and an After-School Club.

Gifted & Talented

Bury Grammar School Girls is committed to unlocking each child’s potential and provides a challenging curriculum for all pupils. In addition we will identify those who are gifted and /or talented and nurture their exceptional talents and abilities. All pupils have an entitlement to:

  • Lessons which stimulate, interest, challenge, inform, excite and encourage
  • Support to develop their full potential
  • Where possible, additional opportunities that lead to the further development of their skills and talents

Amongst other things, this is done through:

  • Setting which may occur to stretch and challenge our most able students.
  • differentiated activities in lessons
  • Co curricular activities such Olympiads
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Educational Visits
  • Careers Guidance

Students with Learning Disabilties / Difficulties have Individual Education Plans which identify the ways in which their needs can be met within all subjects and within the pastoral, extra-curricular and social aspects of school life.

The SENCo keeps records of all pupils with identified LDD and where appropriate draws up the IEP for identified students. This may include background information on the nature of the difficulty, guidance for teaching and other staff to follow and targets for the pupil and is regularly reviewed.The IEP may be based upon a specialist report, for example from an Educational Psychologist. It will also include comments or targets made by the specialist, pupil or parent/s of the pupil. Where it is appropriate pupils, will be directly involved with the writing of the IEP.

Parents will be sent copies of the IEP and will be able to comment on them, or may wish to be present at the IEP meeting. The IEP may identify strategies that can also be adopted at home. The SENCo is responsible for agreeing any course of action and for making this known to the student, parents and the teaching staff. The purpose of such a course of action must always be to help the student raise their level of achievement. Lesson plans demonstrate how teachers are meeting the needs of individual pupils including those with LDD/special educational needs.

Pupils with medical needs related to LDD are referred to the school nurse, who maintains records for such students and informs staff of relevant information.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Bursaries (also known as Governors’ Awards) are means tested awards based on academic performance and financial need. In order to qualify, girls need to be particularly successful in the Entrance Examination as, to ensure fairness, we consider candidates in order of academic merit.

Parents wishing to apply for an award are required to complete a statement of income form which is available from the bursary section of the website or the Bursar’s Office. This form needs to be returned to the Bursar together with appropriate documentation. It is unlikely that awards will be made to parents whose joint gross income exceeds £50,000.

These awards will be recalculated every year on the basis of income declarations in accordance with a scale which will be notified to individual parents when awards are offered. A sliding scale will operate which will mean that if the parental income increases, then the fees payable will also increase. It should be stressed that these awards are made entirely at the discretion of the Governors.

More information about Bursaries can be found on our website.

Please note that there are no awards available in the Junior School or Infant School

The Kay scholarship is named after Roger Kay who was one of the founders of Bury Grammar School. His name is given to the historical award made to the girl achieving most highly in the entrance examination. Her achievement is recognised with a book token at her first Prizegiving.

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