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Bute House has an outstanding reputation for the academic success of the girls, but a great education encompasses so much more and, in fact, contributes to academic success.

Bute House is forward thinking and offers a broad curriculum that develops skills alongside knowledge, provides opportunities for girls to excel in subjects like science and technology and develops their passions for creative and performing arts, sport and music. The accomplishments of the girls in these pursuits are phenomenal. Along with exceptional pastoral care, the girls truly flourish, are happy and develop a strong self-belief in who they are and how they can contribute to the world around them.

As parents it is important to understand and embrace the unique non-competitive academic ethos that runs through every facet of the school and work in partnership with us. Essentially, this ethos means that we do not limit the girls’ potential by labelling them or streaming them. No girl is set above another in terms of academic ability. They are taught in mixed ability classes where highly skilled teachers provide both support and challenge for every girl based on her own starting points. When we describe your daughter’s progress to you, we will use words, not grade letters or numbers because your daughter is so much more than data on a spreadsheet. We do not compare your daughter to any other girl, and we don’t expect you to compare her either.

Each of the girls at Bute House is unique with her own ideas, passions and talents but several things prevail universally between them all; these are the love they share for their school and the compassion that they feel for each other, their teachers and the wider community. The culture at Bute House provides the right environment to nurture individuality, confidence with humility, resilience, compassion, curiosity and integrity. Our non-competitive academic ethos is a huge contributing factor in this respect.  You will only have to listen to your daughter, as a Bute House girl, and recognise these qualities to understand the importance of our approach: your daughter running her own best race.


  • Head Sian Bradshaw
  • Sian Bradshaw
  • Age range 4 - 11
  • Day / Boarding Day
  • Religious affiliation Non-Denominational

Bursaries & Scholarships

7+ Bursaries

Bute House School is delighted to be able to offer parents the opportunity to apply for a means tested bursary in order to give as many girls as possible the chance to enjoy all that Bute House has to offer. Full bursaries are available to cover all of the published fees, as well as an allowance for uniform and residential visits. So, whatever your circumstances, we may be able to help you to send your daughter here.

A bursary is a means-tested award and its value is calculated on the financial circumstances of the family. Up to six means tested bursaries are awarded each year.

If you think your daughter would enjoy this lively, exciting and happy environment but are concerned about the costs, please get in touch with us to find out more. We are always happy to answer questions and to guide you through the process of applying for a bursary.

The closing date for 7+ applications is 31st October of the year preceding entry or when candidates confirmed reaches 200. Please ensure that the completed registration form, bursary application form with supporting evidence and a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate are all received by this date. It is advised that you return the registration form and birth certificate well before the 31st October deadline. The bursary application form may be submitted after the registration form as long as it is received by the 31st October.

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Scholarships & Bursaries offered
  • Bursaries for new entrants

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