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At Cobham Hall, we aspire to produce extraordinary girls, each extraordinary in her own way. We believe education is about showing them that with the right knowledge, skills and attitude, the possibilities are endless. We want every girl to realise there is more in her than she thinks.

Cobham Hall is unique; there is no other school in the world quite like it. By offering a caring environment and an inclusive spirit, and encouraging girls to challenge themselves – both their abilities and their perceptions – and by their taking part in everything Cobham Hall has to offer, students discover more about themselves. In turn, girls excel academically and leave us fully prepared for the path they have chosen.

Girls acquire the knowledge they need to pass examinations, but also learn the skills needed to apply, assess, evaluate, use, re-evaluate, and develop that knowledge as they journey through life, enabling them to thrive after school and beyond in a world that constantly changes.

We believe it is the combination of five key reasons – focus on the individual, challenge and opportunities, pastoral care and wellbeing, diversity, and our inspirational setting – that result in each girl achieving more than they themselves believed possible.

As a boarding and day school, we offer ultimate flexibility for families. Day girls can benefit from the nature of a boarding school – they can come early for Breakfast and stay late for Supper and Prep or stay the night. Perfect when there’s so many extra-curricular activities to choose from!


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