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Heathfield School in Ascot is a school with a simple but powerful philosophy – happy, confident girls succeed. Heathfield was in the vanguard of schools equating happiness with academic success and giving equal importance to pastoral care and academic standards.

The school, founded in 1899, has long believed that what happens inside the classroom is driven by how happy and confident the girls are, which in turn is driven by how they spend their time outside school hours. A fulfilling and enriching programme of co-curricular activities and sport, music, drama and the arts ensures Heathfield girls have an holistic and inspiring education.

The school has always been recognised for its outstanding pastoral care, but it is becoming increasingly recognised for its academic success too. Students have achieved well in both academic and vocational subjects at A Level, gaining places at a diverse range of prestigious destinations from leading Russell Group universities such as Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Newcastle and Queen Mary University, London to acclaimed arts and drama colleges Central St Martins, Falmouth and RADA.

In addition, 100% of 2015 leavers have graduated this year with either a First or 2:1 degree.

The school is well-known for its prowess in the Arts and is the only school in the UK to have a unique link with the world-famous London College of Fashion. In 2016, a state-of-the-art STEM facility was opened by Lord Robert Winston.

Heathfield has a wide curriculum for a small school but Heathfield is about far more than this. Its strength is in its size meaning every girl receives dedicated individual attention. The school aims to imbue its girls with persistence, grit, confidence and the desire to achieve.

Marina Gardiner Legge, Headmistress says: “Eleanor Wyatt, our founder, established the school to allow the girls to ‘see the sky.’ She meant it literally, but I take it to be a metaphor to allow the girls to reach their greatest potential in whatever sphere that is – whether academic, artistic, sporting, musical or dramatic. Heathfield enables girls to excel and empowers them as self-confident, resilient, articulate young women.’

Entry is at 11, 13 or 16. Scholarships are awarded for Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport at all three entry points. Visit us soon to find out for yourselves how we put girls first.

Gifted & Talented

Heathfield welcomes girls of high ability and offers a range of opportunities for them to excel. Girls frequently gain places at Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge.


Scholarships are awarded to girls who demonstrate significant levels of academic, creative or sporting achievement. Being part of our scholarship programme involves being mentored by a teacher in the relevant subject area who will ensure scholars are making the most of the enrichment and leadership opportunities the school has to offer.

Heathfield Highflyers

Each half term, up to two girls in each Faculty who have produced outstanding work are awarded a Highflyer award in recognition of their achievement. They receive this award at the Celebration Assembly.

Extracurricular Activities

The schools offers a wide extracurricular programme and takes part in a range of competitions in which girls achieve considerable success.

Recently, these have included:

• Forms I and II taking part in the UK Maths Trust Team Challenge at Oxford University
• Form V taking part in debating workshops with Eton College
• LVI girls attending the TeenTech Cyber Security Event in London
• UVI girls being awarded a silver medal in the Biology Olympiad


Heathfield offers preparation for girls considering an Oxbridge application. This includes attending university open days and conferences, as well as assistance with applications and practice interviews held at local independent schools.


Heathfield has an extremely well developed Spectrum department with specialist staff to support girls of all ages and abilities. Heathfield is able to support girls with English as an Additional language and is experienced at creating personalised programmes of support for students who need extra support in lessons. Due to the individualised nature of this support, we would suggest that you contact the school to discuss your daughter’s needs with us.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Scholarships, worth £750 per annum, are awarded at 11+, 13+ and at 16+ for Academic, Music, Drama, Art and Sport depending on the field.

Bursaries are means tested and are available to any girl’s family.

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