Queen Margaret’s School, York

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Queen Margaret’s is an independent school for independent girls. We are a school that encourages every girl to pursue her interests with confidence; girls at Queen Margaret’s are recognised for their willingness to try everything that life has to offer them. By offering personalised timetables, every girl is able to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities on offer alongside her unique set of classes.

As the only all-girls’ full boarding school in the North of England, 75% of our girls are Full Boarders while our Day Boarders have beds within the school and are encouraged to stay over every Friday evening to take advantage of House activities. The full boarding nature of the school encourages busy weekends with myriad activities, trips, fixtures and events to look forward to at the end of each week.

For a school of its size, Queen Margaret’s provides an immense variety of activities, clubs and societies and other Enrichment opportunities while never sacrificing the individual education tailored to the needs of the individual girl. As one parent recently noted, QM ‘benefits from being led and run as if it were a large school but has all benefits and familiarities you would expect of a small school.’

Bursaries & Scholarships

We offer Academic, Art, Choral, Dance, Drama, Music and Sport Scholarships. More details can be found at queenmargarets.com

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