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Sheffield High School for Girls is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust – the leading network of independent girls’ schools.
Sheffield Girls’ is celebrating another outstanding set of results in summer 2016 with 69% of entries graded A*-B. More than a quarter of the 92 girls who sat A-levels achieved straight A*/A results and almost two thirds got at least one grade A. Of all the GCSE subjects taken, 69% were graded A*-A. Almost a third of the year group attained straight A*-A grades and almost half of the year group achieved at least nine A*-A grades.

Sheffield Girls’ continues to outperform schools in the region at both GCSE and A-Level. This is achieved by focusing on the potential of each of our girls individually. The atmosphere in the classroom is lively, exciting and challenging, whilst at the same time supportive and nurturing.

Outside the classroom, a diverse extra-curricular programme enables girls to develop their strengths and try new things, and with over 80 clubs and teams, there is plenty to have a go at, giving them the self-belief to that there are no limits to what they can achieve at Sheffield Girls’ and beyond.

More Able and Gifted

Providing opportunities for girls to excel and develop their individual talents is at the heart of everything we do at Sheffield Girls’. We are proud to be an all-girls school and can provide the education, learning environment and the support that girls need to grow. In girls only education, girls work better, feel less pressure to conform to a gender stereotype and are more likely to pursue interests in STEM related subjects.
We cherish and nurture the talents of every girl, and focus on individual potential, whether in the classroom, the laboratory, in sport, music, drama or art.

All staff play an important part in providing an environment in which the more able thrive, enhancing and enriching all aspects of learning. Such a classroom environment is characterised by:
An ethos in which learning is valued for its own sake;
Stimulating content which motivates students;
Varied teaching methods which cater for different learning styles;
An emphasis upon higher order thinking skills and learning about learning;
Opportunities for risk taking and independent learning;
High expectations;
The challenge to extend learning beyond the classroom, and the encouragement to engage with the wider learning community beyond the school gates.

Enhancement and Enrichment
In addition to the work that takes place in the classroom on a day-by-day basis there are lots of other opportunities for pupils (especially More Able and Gifted pupils) to extend their knowledge and skills. The following list contains some of those opportunities but a definitive list is difficult as new opportunities arise all the time. These opportunities are available to all pupils. The school:

  • Provides the opportunity for Sixth Form Students to achieve the EPQ – Extended Project qualification.
  • Provides the opportunity for Year 10 students to achieve the Level 2 Extended Project Qualification.
  • Encourages links with universities.
  • Encourages the able students to take part in competitions such as the UK Maths Challenge and Science Olympiads.
  • Suspends the timetable for ‘super-learning days’.
  • Encourages girls to think about their learning and contribute to developments in school through the Teaching and Learning Council.
  • Encourages pupils to lead and participate in assemblies.
  • Develops thinking skills and organisational skills in ‘Learning to Learn’ lessons.
  • Encourages girls to set up and lead clubs for their own age groups and for younger girls.
  • Offers master classes / workshops etc
  • Offers clubs that challenge pupils’ viewpoints – e.g. debating, psychology, creative writing, etc.
  • Encourages girls to enter local and national competitions.
  • Aims to develop skills like enterprise and leadership skills through the extra-curricular programme as these encourage the pupils to share as well as develop their skills.

Inclusion: Special Educational Needs (SEN) and English as an Additional Language (EAL)
If pupils are to achieve their best, they need to feel confident, safe and happy in school. Our Heads of Year, form teachers, subject and learning support staff form a dedicated and caring team who devote considerable time in and out of the classroom to ensure that every girl is progressing as she should and achieving her best.

Our Learning Support teacher screens all pupils during the first term in Year 7 to identify any specific learning needs so that provision and support can be offered. In preparation for forthcoming GCSEs, we do further screenings and assessments in Year 9. If a pupil is found to have a specific learning difficulty, help is provided in a sensitive and understanding manner. Our EAL teacher works closely with EAL pupils to ensure that they can fully access the curriculum and reach their maximum potential. Staff are fully briefed and updated regularly to ensure that lessons are differentiated accordingly.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Who can apply for a bursary or scholarship?
Sheffield High School is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) group of schools and GDST bursaries and scholarships are available to any pupil aged 11 and over at a GDST senior school. Most bursaries and scholarships are allocated on entry to Year 7 or to the Sixth Form.

For more information about the bursaries and scholarships available, please contact our Registrar, Louise Froggatt, on 0114 2660324

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