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At Stamford High School we believe that anything is possible; we want our students to be enthusiastic, hard-working, determined and ready to get involved with everything we offer.

We encourage them to think independently, take ownership of their learning and aspire to be the very best that they can be. Within a sound framework of pastoral care and development, our students know that they have the skills and attributes to face the future with confidence.

Learning and Education
Stamford High School has been educating students for 140 years and has moved from a stereotypical “girls school” to a modern educational establishment, providing opportunities for students to grow academically whilst developing the skills necessary to enter the world with confidence.

The School is joined with Stamford School and Stamford Junior School to form the Stamford Endowed Schools in a “diamond structure”, providing families with “one School” for their children, regardless of age or gender. The School remains true to its founding principles of single sex education; girls and boys are taught separately from age 11 to 16, with a co-educational Sixth Form and co-curricular programme.

The present Head, Vicky Buckman, is passionate about the outcomes for young people, advocating the research of Carol Dweck and “growth mindset”. Students are encouraged to believe that they can be successful at anything if they work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities offered. Staff are committed and hard-working and expectations are high; the School prides itself on producing well-rounded, resilient, down-to-earth young people, ready to take on the world.

Pastoral Care
The pastoral programme is given the highest priority, because it is universally acknowlegded that happy, cared-for students are most likely to thrive. The aim is to encourage resilience, with guidance, encouragement and mentoring all supplied, as needed, in a supportive environment. There are many structures in place to ensure that the welfare of every student is safeguarded and that their progress is monitored carefully.

Today’s young people grow up in a busy and judgemental world, and some find it hard to navigate teenage years; the Schools strive to prepare them for what lies ahead, via tutor time activities, PSHE and specialist talks, alongside timely communication with, and support for, parents.


  • Head Vicky Buckman
  • Vicky Buckman
  • Age range 11 - 18
  • Day / Boarding
    • Day
    • Full Boarding
    • Weekly Boarding
    • Flexi Boarding
  • Religious affiliation Our values reflect the faith upon which the Stamford Endowed Schools were founded. We are a Christian foundation and as such welcome students of all faiths and none. The School espouses shared values; reverence for life, service, compassion, forgiveness, justice, community, humility, friendship and thankfulness.
  • Exams
  • 14+ GCSE, IGCSE
  • 16+ BTEC or NVQ, A Level, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Fees (per term) September 2019 - August 2020
  • Senior School
    • £69.00 - £10,061.67 per term
  • Sixth Form
    • £69.00 - £10,061.67 per term
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  • Exams
    • Exams
    • 14+ GCSE, IGCSE
    • 16+ BTEC or NVQ, A Level, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Fees (per term)
    • Fees (per term) September 2019 - August 2020
    • Senior School
      • £69.00 - £10,061.67 per term
    • Sixth Form
      • £69.00 - £10,061.67 per term
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Bursaries & Scholarships

The Stamford Endowed Schools’ scholarships and awards provision recognises students with outstanding talents and skills in a variety of fields and to helps develop those talents during their time at the Schools.

Scholarships are awarded on entry to Stamford High School, although there are later opportunities to gain a scholarship once a young person becomes a student at the Schools.

Students who enter the Schools in Year 7 may apply for Academic and Music Scholarships and can also apply to join the Talented Athlete Development programme which precedes Sports Scholarship.

In Year 9, there is the opportunity to apply for Sports, Drama, Art and All-Rounder Scholarships. A final round of scholarship applications are available as students move from Y11 into Y12.

For students entering at other points, scholarships may be considered on a case by case basis.

All scholarships may be supplemented by a bursary, subject to means testing.

Scholarships are awarded following a process which may involve and assessment or examination.

Please note that, as of autumn 2019, candidates for the Sixth Form will no longer be required to apply for an Academic Scholarship or sit a separate examination: these scholarships will be awarded following public examination results and suitable references from their current school.

You will be informed if your child has been awarded a scholarship when we write to confirm their offer of a place at the Stamford High School.

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Scholarships & Bursaries offered
  • Academic scholarships
  • All Rounder awards
  • Art scholarships
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • HM Forces discounts
  • Lump-sum payment discounts
  • Music scholarships
  • Sibling discounts
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Sport scholarships

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