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Laughter and a lifelong love of learning, collaboration and camaraderie, drive and determination, inspiration and involvement, aspiration and achievement – this is our school DNA. We are a leading independent Day and Boarding school of choice for girls aged 3-18.

From a group of giggling, three year old girls holding hands in the playground of our ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rated Nursery; to a revitalised Prep School in its brand new location at Cranwell House, where a passion for discovery and exploring new horizons is ignited; to our exceptionally high-achieving Senior School where lifelong friendships are forged and academic, sporting and personal triumphs are shared; and onto our dynamic Sixth Form College buzzing with confident, capable young women ready to take on the world, the RHS journey is a seamless one, with four life-enhancing experiences along the way.

This all-through, all-girls education is unique in Bath. We embrace all-round excellence and help every single girl to be happy and to be who she wants to be. We do this with a rich and exciting curriculum, with every opportunity for girls to focus on their strengths but also to develop their skills and talents across the broadest academic, social and personal spectrum. The school develops the confidence, capabilities and character needed to underpin success at university, throughout careers and in achieving ambitions in every aspect of life.

We are the only school within The Girls’ Day School Trust to offer boarding in addition to day provision and the only one to offer the International Baccalaureate at Sixth Form.

Our doors are always open to welcome girls from across the UK and across the world, who come here to achieve their very best academically, socially and personally, have fun, make friends, live, develop a global perspective in education, enjoy life and learn how to fly…

All students are individual learners and we support them in two complementary ways. First we provide an educational environment that encourages, promotes confidence and fosters enjoyment. Class sizes are small and all teachers plan effectively to suit the needs of individuals and the whole group. There is a broad choice of subjects and a comprehensive range of activities in school time so that all students can excel and receive recognition in some aspect of their schooling. Success is a major source of motivation.

Our highly qualified Learning Support Co-ordinator will tailor a learning programe to suit individual needs. We aim to minimise the disruption to timetables, by trying to arrange lessons during break, lunchtimes and free periods. We monitor the progress of our learners in all subjects and offer one-to-one support both in and out of the classroom if they are experiencing difficulties.

Our dedicated support adds value at every level and has especially enabled some of our overseas students to make rapid progress and to achieve better than expected results.

English as an Additional Language is taught by a well-qualified and experienced specialist. We are committed to helping our overseas students to meet the challenge of studying in an English-speaking environment and fulfil their academic potential across the curriculum. We also make sure that the learning environment is friendly and welcoming and that the students feel at home.

Levels of English are assessed in advance and programmes of study are devised according to individual needs. Girls are taught in small groups or one-to-one, using a wide range of resources, including extensive class libraries and self-study materials and follow courses giving a balance of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

EAL staff also provide lessons in preparation for the IELTS examinations.

We closely support Sixth Form College students intending to study at a UK university, giving guidance on completing their UCAS applications and helping them make informed choices of course and university.We offer two types of financial assistance to girls of exceptional ability and promise: Scholarships and Bursaries.

Scholarships: Academic and Specialist

Scholarships are made irrespective of parents’ financial situation at the entry points of Year 7 (11+) and Year 9 (13+) (external only) and at entry/transfer into the Sixth Form in Year 12. These are awarded for all-round academic excellence and for outstanding promise in a specialist area.

Year 7 (11+) Scholarships
Music (including choral)
Sport (excluding dance)

Academic Scholarships are made to those who demonstrate exceptional intellectual potential in our Year 7 Entrance Assessments (English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, and Non Verbal Reasoning)

Year 6 students from Royal High Prep School take the same papers as transfer assessments. Scholarships are open both to girls from Royal High Prep School and to those applying from other schools. Specialist awards are made to internal and/or external candidates who demonstrate outstanding ability in art, music, drama and sport.

Decisions are made on the basis of an audition/practical or on the presentation of a portfolio of work.

Year 9 (13+) Scholarships (available to external candidates only)
Music (including choral)
Sport (excluding dance)

Academic Scholarships are made to those who demonstrate exceptional intellectual potential in our Year 9/13+ Entrance Papers (English, Mathematics, Science & a language – French, Spanish, German or Latin). Candidates may be invited for a further assessment day of observed lessons.

Music and Sports Awards are be made on the basis of an audition/practical and are available to new entrants to the school at Year 9/13+ only.

Year 12 Sixth Form Scholarships
Music (including Choral)
Sport (excluding Dance)

For Sixth Form Academic Scholarships all students (both internal and external) sit assessment tests in Mathematics, Science and a non-mother tongue language (French, Spanish, German or Latin). There is also a general essay paper and all students are interviewed. Specialist Awards are made for entry into the Sixth Form to internal and/or external candidates who demonstrate outstanding ability in art, music, drama and sport. Decisions are made on the basis of an audition/practical or on the presentation of a portfolio of work.

A personal statement of 500 words approximately is also required with the application.

Means-tested awards (up to 100% of fees) are given at Year 7, Year 9 (external candidates only) and for entry into the Sixth Form to students who demonstrate outstanding all-round academic ability. In order for your daughter to qualify for a financial award, parents must also complete an on-line assessment of income and assets in order to establish financial need. Details are available from Royal High School Bath and the assessment is undertaken by the Finance Department at the GDST’s Head Office in London. Bursaries are reviewed annually.

Click here for the GDST Guide to Bursaries

Transfer from other GDST Schools
We welcome girls from other GDST schools and we will do our best to ensure all your individual requirements are met.

For further information regarding any financial matters, do please get in touch with our Registrar, Lynda Bevan and she will be very happy to help.


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