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Wychwood is a unique day and boarding school for girls aged 11-18, based in central Oxford.

We know each girl, her strengths and her weaknesses. To get the best out of each girl who passes through our doors is what we aim to do, academically, socially and personally – as it says in our mission statement, we want the girls to go on to live lives that do them great credit. A Wychwood education fires the imagination, engages the soul, stimulates the brain and opens up the world for our girls.

Wychwood’s small size means that we offer individual challenge and pastoral care to a far greater extent than can larger institutions. As a result, our girls gain excellent academic results and emerge confident and well prepared for their futures.

Our size also affords us great flexibility, be that the flexibility to offer new subjects, to teach different classes in different ways to suit their needs or to provide boarding for one night only to day girls after the return of an evening trip.

We take great pride in each student receiving the total support of a highly dedicated, enthusiastic and professional staff, so that girls are able to discover, realise and exceed their initial potential. Our girls develop their own passions and interests and remain tolerant of and open to those of others.

When girls leave Wychwood, they go on to many different careers with a strong foundation to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Gifted & Talented

We run the Acorns Club for lower school pupils and the Lee Club for senior pupils.


The school supports children with SEN or LDD with a SENCo who co-ordinates lessons, education psychologist testing and individual programmes.

Wychwood has a dyslexia specialist teacher, a mathematics tutor and EAL specialist on the staff.

All children are treated as individuals and parents are always closely involved with their children’s progress.

Bursaries & Scholarships

There are bursary funds available for a limited number of pupils in particular financial need. Applicants should complete a means tested form and all applications will be given due consideration by the Bursaries Committee; this will include a home visit.

Scholarships at Wychwood are awarded at our main points of entry: 11+, 13+ and 16+ and are open to current students and those applying to join the school.

At 11+ and 13+ scholarships may be awarded as: academic, creative arts, drama, music, sports and an all-rounder scholarship.

At 16+ scholarships may be awarded as academic, art, drama, music, sports and the Lee Scholarship.

In all cases, scholarships are competitive and will only be awarded if the standard merits the award.

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