Teacher Training

Give your teaching career an outstanding start – train on-the-job in an independent girls’ school

Do your teacher training at an independent girls’ school with ongoing professional development and support.

  • on-the-job induction and training towards QTS (qualified teacher status) and PGCE
  • the possibility of a salary, bursary or scholarship, depending on your subject and training provider
  • classroom based training with a reduced time-table giving time for induction, lesson preparation,
    study, professional development and mentoring
  • teach your specialist subject with pedagogical training and support
  • opportunity to participate in vibrant extra-curricular activity programmes
  • inspire girls to become independent thinkers with a strong sense of social responsibility
  • girls-only, majority girls or diamond model, depending on the school, with opportunities to
    experience placements at other schools (including co-ed and state) through our network of partners

This is a tremendous opportunity to enjoy being a teacher and valued member of a school community while you train in a Girls’ Schools Association school.

The Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) is a professional association that supports and inspires specialists in girls’ education and provides development opportunities in a friendly, collaborative environment.

Our schools provide:

  • excellent career opportunities
  • good discipline and behaviour
  • flexibility and freedom
  • commitment to nurturing the individual
  • small class sizes
  • ethos of high expectations
  • diverse range of extra-curricular activities
  • culture of valuing and respecting teachers
  • commitment to social mobility (around one third of independent school pupils receive means-tested bursary support)
  • strong commitment to your continued professional development
  • wide variety of schools (eg small, large, day, boarding, rural, city)

National Maths & Physics and Modern Languages SCITTs

GSA schools work in partnership with other state and independent schools to provide the National Mathematics and Physics SCITT*  (NMAPS) and the National Modern Languages SCITT (NMLS). Training with the NMAPS or NMLS in a GSA school offers you:

  • unsalaried on-the-job training eligible for significant tax-free bursaries, scholarships and early career payments of up to £32k
  • professional development and support to both QTS and PGCE
  • pre-course residential induction (NMAPS only)
  • six-week placement in a contrasting state school
  • links to the National Subject Associations
  • phased progression towards independent teaching of whole classes

Currently, the GSA schools you can base your SCITT in are Bolton School (NMAPS & NMLS), Headington School, King’s High Warwick and Wycombe Abbey (NMAPS) and St Helen and St Katharine School (NMLS). A number of other independent and state schools are available.

*School Centred Initial Teacher Training


National Maths & Physics SCITT www.nmapscitt.org.uk

National Modern Languages SCITT www.nationalmodernlanguages.com

Teacher training in all independent schools www.iscteachertraining.co.uk

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