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I am a Mount Girl.

“At The Mount I found teachers who supported us, who were always prepared to give up their time for us. We were encouraged to ask questions, to think for ourselves. Being here taught me to be comfortable in my own skin, to have confidence in myself; it taught me to be a team player, to listen to and respect others’ point of view, even if it differs from my own, but also to speak up when necessary. The Quaker ethos taught me about fairness and tolerance; it has given me the skills to be socially responsible and to make a difference, no matter what I go on to do.” – Olivia Bright, Head Girl 2012-2013.

“I think the teaching here is really, really good. We have passionate and driven teachers who are interested in their subject and want you to be as well. I think that encourages the students.” – Madeleine Taylor, College II

“The strong Quaker ethos in the school creates an environment in which everyone appreciates and values each other, fostering both independence and equality. The pupils thrive in this atmosphere of safety, confidence and trust. Behaviour across the whole school is excellent and relationships between pupils are strong and affirming.” – Independent Schools Inspectorate Report 2012.

“People at The Mount really care about other people. Being part of a community that treats everyone as an individual has the wonderful effect of enabling girls to simply be themselves. A Mount girl is someone with the confidence to be herself, and isn’t afraid to take that risk of showing who she is to the world.” – Holly Gardiner, Head Girl, 2013-14.

The Mount is the UK’s only Quaker school for girls. With outstanding academic results, the School consistently performs well in all league tables and is independently ranked as a UK Top 100 School. The Mount has exceptional purpose-built facilities for Science, Art and Design, Music, Drama and Sport, set in sixteen acres of magnificent grounds by York’s historic city centre.

Gifted & Talented

At The Mount, excellence is a broad, egalitarian concept to which all can aspire. The School celebrates gifts and talents across many spheres. In the Junior School, gifted and talented students are provided opportunities to stretch their abilities. In the Senior School, modern teaching of traditional subjects by specialist teachers who are experts in girls’ education is key. Mathematics is taught in sets from the beginning of year 7. The lower pupil to teacher ratio in the Upper School and College (Sixth Form) enables all students to pursue levels of excellence in their respective fields.


The Mount has a dedicated onsite EAL specialist on staff to assist students needing English language support. A dedicated onsite SEN specialist assists students requiring learning support and briefs other teaching staff on how to help students with learning differences achieve their best results.

Bursaries & Scholarships

The Mount School (York) has a long history of providing financial assistance to pupils and their families through bursaries. The awarding of bursaries is embedded in The Mount’s culture and is something in which the community passionately believes. It is our aim to reach out to those whose families cannot meet the cost of fees unaided and offer them the opportunity to receive a Mount School education.

The Mount awards Scholarships for academic, artistic and sporting excellence. These are offered to students entering Year 7, Year 9 or College (Sixth Form).

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