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Careers Student Webinar series: Empowering Futures

February 26 2024

Amy Adams Software Engineer at Lloyds Banking Group

26 February 2024, 1:00pm – 1:45pm

Amy is a DevOps Support Engineer and has been working at Lloyds Banking Group for 4 years.

She left school when she was 16 because she didn’t know what she wanted to do. She ended up going into full time employment but never found anything where she could progress her career. She took a leap of faith and applied for an IT apprenticeship with Lloyds Banking Group. She was successful and the rest is history!

Since joining the bank she have completed two apprenticeships. A Level 3 and a Level 4. she has worked with lots of cool tech. At the moment she looks after DevOps tools for engineers in the bank. Day to day, she offers support and guidance to DevOps Engineers and makes sure they have the right access to the toolsets they need to do their jobs.

When she was at school she never knew about the amazing opportunities tech careers offer. After 4 years in tech and catapulting her career, she wants to share her journey and experience with others to help them on their tech journey!

What it’s like to be an Engineer? 

Join Amy Adams as she takes you on a journey of what it’s like to be an Engineer, busting myths and showcasing the opportunities out there for Women in Tech!

  • Overview of an IT Engineer
  • A peek into the world of IT 
  • Career paths and Further Education 

Including guest speakers Abi Adewoyin, DevOps Engineer and Jennifer Marshall, Talent Management 

Charul Gupta, Senior Product Manager for Transport for London

18 March 2024, 1:00pm – 1:45pm

Charul is Senior Product Manager for Technology and Data for Surface Transport within Transport for London (TfL). She leads on all the Technology and Data products for the Surface Transport services (such as Buses, DLR, Overground, River Services, Trams, London Cable Car) to address the transport needs of London.

She is experienced at delivering across a range of intelligent transport solutions – including Automatic Vehicle Location, Service Planning, Real Time Intelligence, Service Monitoring and Passenger Information Systems. Her knowledge on the subject makes her one of the global experts in her field and she is frequently invited to speak as a keynote speaker at various international conferences.

Charul is very passionate about championing diversity and has co-founded award-winning Women in Tech (WiT) community at Transport for London, which works towards raising awareness of tech as a viable career for women and helps women to build the confidence to develop tech skills and encourages them to put themselves forward for tech roles. She is also closely associated with other Non-profit organisations which aim to help, motivate, and support women.

What Would I Tell My Younger Self

In this talk, I’ll reflect on my personal journey of breaking through glass ceilings in the world of Technology. From navigating challenges to embracing opportunities and the lessons learned while making this journey.

Becky Ferraro, Inclusive Design Lead at Deloitte Digital

23 April 2024, 1:00pm – 1:45pm

Becky is the inclusive design lead at Deloitte Digital UK. She grew up in the Welsh countryside and found her way to London 5 years ago to kickstart her career in tech working with large clients to transforms their products and services. At Deloitte Digital she founded and now leads a team of inclusive design and accessibility specialists, and is passionate about using technology to create equal experiences for all.

Behind the scenes in technology consulting

Join Becky to learn more about the world of technology consulting. Becky will share her story and provide insight into the different types of roles available. She’ll talk about the skills required and some of the benefits and challenges of the job as well as how to carve your own path and build the job you want.

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