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Over the past 150 years Mayfield has nurtured a succession of confident, enterprising and multi-talented young women well prepared for taking their place in the modern world.

Set in 80 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside, Mayfield is a Catholic independent school for boarders and day girls aged from 11 to 18 – with a proud reputation for excellent academic achievement, exceptional pastoral care and a plethora of high quality extra-curricular activities.
Mayfield girls go on to become doctors, engineers, actors, barristers, professional athletes, award winning artists and more. A Mayfield education will equip you for the world and give you the tools to achieve, and exceed all your goals.

Gifted & Talented

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of either academic excellence or a specific talent. Scholars are recognised as students who not only benefit from the opportunities offered by the school but also contribute to the school community in a significant way. School fees are discounted as part of the benefit of being awarded a scholarship but students also have other non financial benefits in the form of tuition, privileges and priority to certain school events. Scholars’ teas take place every half term.

Gifted & Talented Scholarships are awarded to girls showing exceptional aptitude for Sport, Dance, Riding, Drama, Art or Music (including choral) each year.


The Learning Support Department

“Learning Support is a friendly and warm place. Coming here has given me confidence and now I have more enthusiasm with my learning.” 
Year 10 pupil

“Learning support helps you with the little things that improve your work immensely. It is helpful, fun and a good environment to work and learn in.”
Year 10 pupil

“The Learning Support teachers have helped me to overcome my weaknesses in different ways. They’re really friendly and easy to talk to about your problems”.
Year 11 pupil

“The Learning Support teachers are always there to help. With their help, my essay writing improved and I achieved an A* in English GCSE. Knowing help was always available gave me the confidence and motivation for my four A Level subjects. 
Year 13 pupil

This is how the Learning Support Department at St Leonards-Mayfield is seen by the girls who have received support. Our team of Specialist Teachers and support staff are committed to empowering students not only to fulfil their potential, but also to ensure they become confident, independent and successful learners for life.

Our department is an integral part of the school. We are proud of the close relationships we enjoy with the students, their parents and teachers, and by working together we ensure that each girl’s individual needs are fully met.

We have the expertise and experience to help students with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia; however, we also support any student who is under-achieving, whatever the reason. Within the school, an excellent monitoring system detects any difficulties a student is experiencing at an early stage. This means that appropriate short, medium or long term support can be set up without delay. At this stage a screening assessment can be carried out by one of our specialist teachers, if necessary.

The students who receive learning support have varied needs, which may include difficulties with: literacy and numeracy skills; working memory; examination techniques and self-organisation. Our teachers help the girls to analyse their difficulties and develop effective strategies to become successful learners.

Most of our lessons are on a 1:1 basis, offering a programme of support, tailored to an individual student’s needs, and her preferred style of learning. Targets are decided and an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is drawn up and a copy distributed to the pupil’s subject teachers and parents. The IEP targets are reviewed bi-annually.

Members of our team also offer group support, or on occasion, can work with students within the classroom.

Every girl at St Leonards-Mayfield is seen as an individual with unique strengths and talents. We believe every girl is capable of success, and by helping girls to develop a positive and motivated attitude towards their learning, all things are possible.

In the words of our founder, Cornelia Connelly:
“We never know what we can do until we try. Perseverance gains the crown.”

Bursaries & Scholarships

Mayfield Scholarships are awarded in open competition in recognition of outstanding academic potential or potential in particular areas of school life. They also allow the School to clearly identify those pupils who, because of their particular talents, should be extended and stretched to achieve their full potential.

Two types of Scholarship are available to candidates of particular merit: Academic Scholarships and Gifted & Talented Scholarships. The latter are awarded to pupils who display a special talent in Creative Art, Drama & Physical Theatre, Music, and Sport.
Both Academic and Gifted & Talented Scholarships carry with them financial rewards. With one exception, the maximum award for any Scholarship is 20% of the day or boarding fees. Choral Scholarships are worth up to 25% of the school fees plus free vocal and instrumental tuition. All awards may be supplemented by a mean-tested bursary, up to a value of 100% of day or boarding fees.

Means-tested Bursaries
Bursary awards provide means-tested support (up to 100% of the full school fees) for a St Leonards-Mayfield education to girls who can benefit clearly and substantially from the education offered at the school. Awards are typically made at three ages – in Year 6 for entry to Year 7, in Year 8 for entry into Year 9, and in Year 11 for entry into Year 12. These are means-tested every year (on income and capital), to ensure the school is scrupulous about fairness.

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