Pembridge Hall School

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Pembridge Hall is a non-selective independent girls’ preparatory school set in a beautiful residential square in Notting Hill. Our two sites are situated on the beautiful Pembridge Square and we are firmly rooted in the community of Notting Hill. Musical concerts, weekly school assemblies and parent events are held in our local church in Bayswater and Pembridge girls are fortunate to be able to play in the delightful surroundings of Pembridge Gardens.

The girls themselves and their diversity are at the heart of the school – many speak another language; some are creative; some academic; some sporty; some musical; some technical; some happy to take centre stage and some preferring to think independently. An encompassing commonality is that Pembridge girls are happy. They love school and they love learning; evident in their day-to-day interactions with teachers, parents and each other. This is something that can only be partly comprehended from navigating a website but it is tangible when one is in the building.

The school is part of the Alpha Plus Group: the Gold Standard in educational provision. As an Alpha Plus School, we provide a creative and rigorous curriculum which inspires in our girls a love for learning, enabling them to reach their full potential in a stimulating yet caring environment. We value each individual and our school is a community which promotes disciplined, enquiring minds. This, alongside our excellent pastoral ethos and bespoke parent communication, facilitates the girls’ development into successful learners, critical thinkers and, most importantly, happy individuals who are equipped with the necessary skills for their future role in society. Pembridge prepares its pupils for 11 + examinations and consequently they are offered places at the top day and boarding senior schools in the country.

Gifted & Talented

Subject Specialists ensure there is a challenging academic programme for Gifted and Talented pupils through planning and curriculum content, as well as opportunities for the girls to demonstrate their expertise either within the context of the school or through local or National events (e.g. UK Maths Challenge, whole-school inter-house Maths Challenge, on-going sporting competitions both locally and every other year to Jersey for Netball and Hockey, National Prep Schools Championships, graduated choirs depending on skills, Mathletics, Poetry Recitals in school, BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition, Daunt Books Short Story Competition, Year 3 Poetry competition).
Equally, Pembridge Hall will always facilitate and accommodate a pupil’s need to train or prepare in order to support their particular talent (e.g. county swimmer, national ice skater, young British tennis player).
Extension Clubs
– Debating Club for Years 1 and 2
– Maths Problem Solving for Years 1 and 2
– Chess Clubs
Able Gifted and Talented links are provided for parents.


We are proud to offer very carefully chosen, highly effective programmes of support for our girls, who may need a little extra help, at one time or another, on their academic journey in order to reach their full potential.

Our support programmes range widely:

– Helping the development of English as an additional language
– Supporting phonic awareness and development
– Aiding reading fluency
– Development to further improve inference and deductive skills
– Developing better expressive language
– Gaining a better sense and application of the number system

The support given in our school is always sensitively implemented, in a positive and above all engaging way, to ensure that great progress is made.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Find out about the Pembridge Hall Bursary and Scholarship Appeal here

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