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Our spacious and beautiful 21-acre site is conveniently located in the heart of Northwood in North London, approximately 30 minutes by underground from Central London on the Metropolitan Line and within easy reach of the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire borders.

St Helen’s School is committed to academic excellence and is dedicated to equipping pupils with the skills which will enable them to take their places as leaders in a rapidly changing world. The culture of our School is deeply-rooted in its fine history, having been founded by Miss May Rowland Brown in 1899, but is also forward-looking and innovative.

Whilst strong academic standards prevail across the whole School and pupils are encouraged to have high expectations for their achievement and career prospects, success is not measured purely in terms of exam results.

Our students will be brave and true, ever intellectually curious. They will believe they can do anything. They will want to explore how they can best interact with the world around them and make a difference for the better in their own way. They will be ready for whatever the future brings.

Our girls will:

  • Be excited about their learning, always asking the question ‘why’;
  • Be independent, adventurous and resilient;
  • Be the problem-solvers and trailblazers for tomorrow;
  • Always be guided by integrity and their own strong moral principles;
  • Celebrate diversity;
  • Be compassionate towards themselves and others.

Our aims are:

  • To provide each and every girl with the opportunity and means to achieve academic excellence;
  • To provide our students with the personal skills, emotional resilience and the confidence to achieve their full potential through a varied, rich and challenging co-curricular programme;
  • To know, value and respect all girls as individuals so as to best support them on their journey through the school;
  • To ensure that the girls are ready to play a full and active part in their communities and in an interconnected digital world.


  • Head Mrs Tracy Pollard (Interim Head)
  • Mrs Tracy Pollard (Interim Head)
  • Age range 3 - 18
  • Day / Boarding Day
  • Religious affiliation Christian foundation but accepts all faiths.
  • Exams
  • 14+ GCSE, IGCSE
  • 16+ A Level, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Fees (per term) September 2023 - August 2024
  • Prep/Junior School
    • Nursery – Year 2: £5,930 per term
    • Year 3 – Year 6: £6,241 per term
  • Senior School
    • £7,406 per term
  • Sixth Form
    • £7,406 per term
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  • Exams
    • Exams
    • 14+ GCSE, IGCSE
    • 16+ A Level, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Fees (per term)
    • Fees (per term) September 2023 - August 2024
    • Prep/Junior School
      • Nursery – Year 2: £5,930 per term
      • Year 3 – Year 6: £6,241 per term
    • Senior School
      • £7,406 per term
    • Sixth Form
      • £7,406 per term
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Bursaries & Scholarships


As a charity, St Helen’s is committed to widening access to an exceptional education to all prospective pupils, irrespective of financial means or social circumstances.

The St Helen’s Bursary Programme exists to enable pupils to attend St Helen’s who would not otherwise be able to do so for financial reasons and currently provides support totalling over £1.2m per year to more than 78 pupils at the school.

The programme involves a dual offering consisting of a means tested financial award, which can, in some cases, cover 100% of fees and a comprehensive package of support which enables pupils to thrive academically, socially and personally while they are at St Helen’s. This package of support is delivered by the Engagement and Support Lead who has overall responsibility for the academic and pastoral progress of Bursary students.

All students receive 1:1 mentoring sessions and coaching, and regular feedback sessions for parents and additional parental guidance and support is offered where this would be beneficial. For those receiving a full bursary, the package also includes school lunches, the use of the school coach service (to and from school), specific items of uniform for Year 7 only, a compulsory co-curricular activity in Year 10, compulsory educational trips and visits and a loaned school device.

Being part of the Bursary Programme means entering into a partnership with the school through which we work together to ensure that all pupils are able to fulfil their potential at St Helen’s.

Bursaries are not linked to Scholarships and a girl could receive both. Bursaries are awarded on entrance to St Helen’s at 11+ and 16+ and are awarded and reviewed annually to reflect any changes in financial circumstance.



The St Helen’s Scholarship programme supports, encourages and develops excellence, whether it be in academic, creative or sporting fields of endeavour.

Each year the school makes available several scholarships and exhibitions to recognise and reward exceptional candidates in academic study, music and sport for Years 11+. For Sixth Form entry, we also offer Scholarships in art, drama and languages.

Students who hold an award are expected to work hard and contribute positively to school life. Many, of course, bring their talents to bear on the wider world as well.



Academic scholarships, worth up to a maximum of 40% of tuition fees, to Senior School, are awarded annually. Scholarship awards are made on the basis of academic ability and are not related to family financial circumstances. All candidates sitting our entrance tests are considered for an academic scholarship and are awarded based on the entrance exam and interview results. There is no additional scholarship application or exam.


At Year 7 entry a Music Scholarship, worth up to a maximum of 30% reduction on tuition fees per annum, plus free tuition on one instrument, is offered to an academically able candidate who is also an accomplished musician.

Candidates for the Music Scholarship should be at, or working towards, a Grade 5 standard or above on one instrument.

Shortlisted Music candidates will be invited to our Music Scholarship assessment which will include performing pieces on their first instrument (which can include voice), performing on a second instrument (where applicable), aural and sight-reading tasks and group musical activities.

Evidence of a solid commitment to extra-curricular music at school is essential. A number of Music Exhibitions (free tuition on one instrument) may also be awarded.


The 11+ Sports Scholarship offers up to a maximum 20% reduction on tuition fees per annum and is available to recognise sporting achievement and potential. Candidates are expected to submit a portfolio of evidence of their sporting successes (all candidates), including a reference from their current Head of PE/Class (external candidates only), and external coach where applicable.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a practical assessment day. Applicants will be tested to assess above-average fitness levels and be given the opportunity to perform in their sport. They will also be interviewed about their sporting interests and ambitions. In order to be considered for this award it is expected that the candidate has strength in a sport that is offered at St Helen’s. Examples of such sports are athletics, netball, swimming, badminton or gymnastics.


In addition, we offer the following scholarships for Sixth Form entry.

These scholarships are open to both internal and external applicants to our Sixth Form.
• Academic scholarships
• Art scholarships
• Drama Scholarships
• Music scholarships and exhibitions
• Languages scholarships
• Sports scholarships

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Scholarships & Bursaries offered
  • Academic scholarships
  • Art scholarships
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Drama scholarships
  • HM Forces discounts
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils
  • Lump-sum payment discounts
  • Music scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Sport scholarships


St Helen’s School - Brave Thinkers, True Colours

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