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Welcome to St Margaret’s Bushey, a leading independent school for girls aged 4 to 18, located in Hertfordshire, UK. As well as day places for all age groups, we offer a range of flexible boarding options for both UK and international pupils from Year 7 (age 11).

A warm welcome awaits everyone who comes to visit us here in Bushey. We are proud of our vibrant, caring community of lively, intelligent girls and highly qualified, committed staff and of the excellent education which we offer. If you have not been here before we invite you to visit in person so that we can show you round and share our enthusiasm for St Margaret’s with you face-to-face.

We are a leading independent day and boarding school, and pride ourselves on the achievements of all our students. We hope to have captured in the pages of our website something of the academic rigour, sense of achievement, the community spirit and the positive and supportive relationships which are fundamental to a St Margaret’s education.

Founded in 1749, St Margaret’s International boarding school boasts a combination of historic buildings and modern facilities on a 74 acre site easily accessible from north-west London and adjacent counties, yet situated in a peaceful rural setting on the edge of Bushey in Hertfordshire where we are proud to serve the local community.

Gifted & Talented

Download our SEN policy here

Help for girls for whom English is an additional language.

The caring ethos at St Margaret’s means that people here look out for each other, and a friendly, smiling face is never far away.

Most girls entering the school with English as an additional language are boarders and are in the care of House Mistresses who are used to working with those whose English is not yet fluent. They, and the experienced boarders, go out of their way to ensure that new boarders understand school routines.

New boarders also have buddies from among the day girls who help them to find their way around, and to whom they can turn for advice.

Form Tutors are also used to helping those who find it hard to follow spoken English, and they make sure that new girls always know where to go, and what to do, whether they are boarders or day girls.

Teaching staff will recognise when they need to take extra time and care to explain carefully what is expected, and they will take into account the difficulty of working in a second language when marking pupils’ work.

EAL lessons

Each girl for whom English is a second language will receive lessons from an EAL specialist, either individually or as part of a small group. These lessons will be fitted into the curriculum, or, in the case of boarders, may take place in the evening. For younger girls they may replace the study of a modern European language.

Those who arrive at the school before the start of Year 10 will be prepared a GCSE in English language. Those who arrive later will be prepared for an IELTS examination.

Many of the boarders come from overseas and require extra English lessons tailored specifically to their needs as second language speakers. These lessons are incorporated into the weekly curriculum where possible.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded, to internal and external applicants each year at 11+ and Sixth Form level on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. Some smaller Exhibitions are also offered, again on academic merit. Awards are made on the basis of success in the 11+ entrance examinations and interview or in the case of Sixth Form candidates, scholarship examinations and interview with mock examination results also taken into consideration.

Two Music Scholarships may be awarded at 11+ and one at Sixth Form level. In addition to the normal entrance examinations prospective candidates will have auditions. These will include performance of two contrasting pieces and sight reading on the main instrument (minimum standard Grade 4 for Year 7 and Grade 6 for Year 12) and one piece on the second instrument. Instruments may include voice. There will be no written music papers and the potential of a pupil will be taken into consideration as well as achievement. Successful candidates are expected to take an active part and make a full contribution to the musical life of the school.

An Art Scholarship may be awarded for the Sixth Form. In addition to meeting the normal entry criteria, candidates for the Art Scholarship will have a two hour practical assessment to which they must also bring a portfolio of their own work and a written reference from their current Art teacher.

A limited number of Bursaries are available for potential 11+ and Sixth Form candidates who perform well in our entrance examination and whose families are in need of financial assistance or for existing pupils where a change in parents’/guardians’ circumstances has resulted in a difficulty in meeting tuition fees and may result in the child being withdrawn partway through a stage of education. Applications are always means tested and parents are required to complete a confidential statement of income and fixed expenditure and have an interview with the Bursar. Applications for places, Scholarships and Bursaries for entry in September 2014 must be submitted by 30th November 2013. (N.B. All 11+ candidates are automatically considered for an academic Scholarship)

Each year one 100% Bursary will be awarded to a pupil on entry to Year 7 who satisfies the normal entry criteria, but whose family circumstances would normally preclude her from a St Margaret’s education. Contact the Bursar for further details.

Other financial support :- A discount is given for siblings, the daughters of Anglican clergy, Service personnel and old Girls.

Further information on Scholarships and Bursaries, including the 100% Bursary, can be found in the Bursaries and Scholarships Policy which is available from the School.

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