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Truro High School is a very special place. Of course academic excellence is important but it is the atmosphere here which makes it second to none. Perhaps it’s the Cornish air, or the slightly more ‘relaxed yet purposeful approach’, but the ‘buzz’ about the campus is one of happy girls and staff working together to make things happen. Success isn’t about sitting back and waiting for a lucky break, it’s about drive, aspiration
and, most important of all, self-discovery. Not everyone will end up as a brain surgeon – each person is different and making the most of that individuality and maximising potential is what we’re all about.

We’re truly proud of our community – girls, staff, parents and Governors – we work together well.

Gifted & Talented

We are fortunate to have many gifted and talented pupils at Truro High School and some hold Scholarship status (Academic, Music, Sport, Drama and Art). There are many opportunities on offer for these pupils – all designed to broaden the educational experience. Knowledge is extended and thinking is challenged in subject-based extension work and excursions, master-classes and extra-curricular clubs. We offer these additional activities to enable girls to reach their full potential as well as having fun with other talented students as they experience new ways of thinking and doing.


Truro High School has a specialist department of experienced and qualified teachers trained to teach girls with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

All Year 9 girls are screened to identify those who may need extra support and the nature of that support is tailored to the individual student. Any member of Prep or Senior staff who has concerns regarding a pupil can also ask for her to be assessed by the Study Support Team who will then, as appropriate, initiate a specific support package.

All pupils who attend for individual lessons are assessed using a variety of standardised tests to provide a learning profile for each pupil. They will then follow an individual, multi-sensory, structured, cumulative programme. Study skills and revision techniques are also covered. In addition to curriculum and study support, the Department promotes an ‘open door’ policy where pupils are welcome to come in and chat.

Overseas students who may require EAL are assessed on entry to the school and lessons are scheduled to provide support at the correct level. Lessons are normally within small groups and students work towards First Certificate English or iGCSE English.

Bursaries & Scholarships


Awarded to enable particularly talented girls in various fields to join the school and promote their talent further. Scholarships are tenable throughout the school career providing there is clear evidence of continuing academic commitment and achievement. Scholarships can be supplemented by Bursaries up to a maximum total 50% fee remission.

11+ (Entry to Year 7) – Academic, Sport, Art, Music and Drama Scholarships are awarded to the best candidates on the basis of entrance papers and, where appropriate, auditions or assessments. They are capped either individually – or as a combination – at 25% of standard tuition fees. The entrance examinations and auditions/assessments for 11+ take place in January 2015.

13+ (Entry to Year 9) – All-Rounder Boarding Scholarships are awarded to girls who display a broad academic ability. They are capped at 25% of standard tuition fees. Entrance examinations take place to suit candidate’s schedule but usually in the autumn/early spring terms.

16+ (Entry to Sixth Form) – Academic (capped at 25% of standard tuition fees) and Faculty, Sport, Music, Art and Drama scholarships (capped at 50% of standard tuition fees). Scholarship examination papers and auditions/assessments for Sixth Form Scholarships take place in November 2014.



Means-tested and available to girls who would cope with the academic demands of the school but whose families cannot afford full fees. Any award is based on parental need and the level of funds available in School. They are reviewed annually. Bursaries can be additional to any Scholarship award up to a maximum total 50% fee remission.


Further details can be obtained from the Registrar, Mrs Frances Ellison – Tel: +44 (0)1872 242904 or email

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