Professor Robert Winston’s inspirational lecture at The Royal School

On Monday 21 September, The Royal School welcomed world-renowned scientist Professor Robert Winston, best known for his involvement in the development of IVF treatment.

Taking examples from Art, History, Science and Biography, Professor Winston charted the development of Genetics across the world and shared with students and staff some of the cutting edge research currently being conducted in his laboratory at Imperial College, London. He discussed the ethical implications of some of the new developments in the field including ‘designer babies’ and impressed upon the audience the importance of everyone being scientifically literate as the implications of such developments are something that will affect our generation and society as a whole.

A particularly memorable and inspiring comment from the Professor was that any two members of the audience, in collaboration, have more brain power than Einstein!

Anne Lynch, Principal of The Royal School, said, “This was the inaugural lecture in a new series of enrichment sessions for the entire Royal School community, featuring high profile speakers from all areas of public life.”
Sixth Formers also had the opportunity in a separate session to ask Lord Winston any questions about his specific work or any other area of science. The questions asked were varied and ranged from genetic disorders in animals to whether it is ethically acceptable to cross-breed species for desirable qualities.

Deputy Head Girl, Alice Reynolds, commented, “Professor Winston gave us a lot to think about both within science and society as a whole and we felt privileged to have been given the opportunity to hear about his cutting-edge work first-hand.”

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