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Give your teaching career an outstanding start – train on-the-job in an independent girls’ school

Do your teacher training at an independent girls’ school with ongoing professional development and support:

  • on-the-job induction and training towards QTS (qualified teacher status) and PGCE
  • the possibility of a salary, bursary or scholarship, depending on your subject and training provider
  • classroom based training with a reduced time-table giving time for induction, lesson preparation, study, professional development and mentoring
  • teach your specialist subject with pedagogical training and support
  • opportunity to participate in vibrant extra-curricular activity programmes
  • inspire girls to become independent thinkers with a strong sense of social responsibility
  • girls-only, majority girls or diamond model, depending on the school, with opportunities to experience placements at other schools (including co-ed and state) through our network of partners…

This is a tremendous opportunity to enjoy being a teacher and valued member of a school community while you train in a Girls’ Schools Association school.

The Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) is a professional association that supports and inspires specialists in girls’ education and provides development opportunities in a friendly, collaborative environment.

Our schools provide:

  • excellent career opportunities
  • good discipline and behaviour
  • flexibility and freedom
  • commitment to nurturing the individual
  • small class sizes
  • ethos of high expectations
  • diverse range of extra-curricular activities
  • culture of valuing and respecting teachers
  • commitment to social mobility (around one third of independent school pupils receive means-tested bursary support)
  • strong commitment to your continued professional development
  • wide variety of schools (e.g. small, large, day, boarding, rural, city)

National Maths & Physics and Modern Languages SCITTs

GSA schools work in partnership with other state and independent schools to provide the National Mathematics and Physics SCITT* (NMAPS) and the National Modern Languages SCITT (NMLS). Training with the NMAPS or NMLS in a GSA school offers you:

  • unsalaried on-the-job training eligible for significant tax-free bursaries, scholarships and early career payments of up to £32k
  • professional development and support to both QTS and PGCE
  • pre-course residential induction (NMAPS only)
  • six-week placement in a contrasting state school
  • links to the National Subject Associations
  • phased progression towards independent teaching of whole classes

Currently, the GSA schools you can base your SCITT in are Bolton School (NMAPS & NMLS), Headington School, King’s High Warwick and Wycombe Abbey (NMAPS) and St Helen and St Katharine School (NMLS). A number of other independent and state schools are available.

*School Centred Initial Teacher Training

Teaching: The Benefits of On-The-Job-Training

Philip Friend has been mentoring ITTs and NQTs in a GSA school for 10 years. He is currently a teacher of Mathematics and Food & Nutrition at St Catherine’s School, Bramley.

Guiding trainee teachers is highly rewarding. I’ve been mentoring Initial Teacher Trainees (ITTs) and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) as part of my role in a Girls’ Schools Association school for 10 years and been proud to see many of them move on to roles of responsibility, such as being Heads of Department or members of Senior Management. There are so many opportunities in schools – both GSA and otherwise – for career development.

Training “on the job”, with the support of mentors and other colleagues, is, I believe, the best way for a trainee to make the most effective progress.

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National Maths & Physics SCITT www.nmapscitt.org.uk

National Modern Languages SCITT www.nationalmodernlanguages.com

Teacher training in all independent schools www.iscteachertraining.co.uk

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