GSA schools are experts in educating girls and the girls in our schools receive an excellent education in the fullest sense.

Our schools provide tremendous extra- and co-curricular opportunities, lack of gender stereotyping, and high-quality teaching that ensures the mental and physical well-being of students is a top priority. All this enables girls to develop the resilience, skills and confidence to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

Extra- and co-curricular activities are a large part of life in GSA schools. The creative arts, drama, sport, critical thinking, special interest societies such as robotics and chess, partnership activities with other schools, community volunteering, outward bound and exchange trips all help to develop friendships as well as to challenge students’ physical, creative and intellectual aptitudes. Of course, they are also great fun!

Taking part is every bit as important as achievement, although every year GSA girls excel themselves by, for example, being chosen to exhibit their artwork in top galleries or qualifying to represent their country in their chosen sport. Many GSA schools are fortunate to have high-achieving sports coaches and other specialists among their staff.

Academically, GSA school students perform well above national averages in public examinations

Academically, GSA school students perform well above national averages in public examinations and a large proportion choose to take maths, sciences and languages to an advanced level. Extended projects (EPQs) are commonplace, enabling girls to explore a subject of their choosing in depth and demonstrate their capacity for independent thought to prospective universities and employers.

The examination results in GSA schools speak for themselves. In 2019, the proportion of top A*-A grades at A level achieved by GSA students (53.1%) was more than twice the national average (25.2%) for England. The proportion of A*-C grades among GSA students (92.2%) was over a fifth greater than the national average (75.5%) for England. In some GSA schools, students sit the International Baccalaureate and, in 2019, the proportion of GSA IB Diploma candidates gaining 40 or more points (42.3%) was over four times the proportion worldwide (9.8%). Typically, 96% of GSA students continue their studies at top universities in the UK, the US and elsewhere, and there is a growing interest in higher and degree apprenticeships.

NB the maximum IB Diploma point score is 45

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