GCSE Results ‘Best Ever’ Say GSA Schools

This year’s GCSE results are the ‘best ever’ according to many GSA schools.

At Woldingham School 46% of GCSE grades were A* and 73% A*-A. A third of their girls achieved straight A* and A grades and eight girls are celebrating at least ten A*s.

St Mary’s Calne is celebrating over half of entries achieving grade A*. They 24 girls who achieved A*-A grades across all of their subjects and twins Alice and Clara Wade achieved 24 A* and A grades between them.

Eighty per cent of all GCSEs at Manchester High School for Girls were the sought-after A* to A grade, with 96% of all marks secured in the A* to B range. Overall, 67 girls chalked up eight or more A* and A grades, with eight pupils achieving a string of nine A*s, that were topped off with an A* with distinction (the ‘super A*), in Additional Mathematics.

Piper’s Corner also saw an increase in the number of the highest A* grades. Almost three quarters of all their results were at grades A*- B.

Sir William Perkins School broke their own record for the percentage of A*s gained, with well over half of all grades at A*. Thirteen per cent of students got ten or more A* grades, 40 students achieved at least 8 A* grades, and 54% of all grades were at A* – a best ever statistic.

St Helen and St Katharine school in Abingdon, has the highest ever number of A* – A grades – 94% of GCSE results achieved A* – A grades, 76% A* grades; and 47 girls out of 96 gaining 9 or more A* grades.

Moreton Hall reports that almost half of all pupils achieved straight A* and As in every subject – a remarkable achievement for a non-selective school.

And at Howell’s, Llandaff 23 girls obtained all A*-As, and 14 gained 9 A*s or more.


Some of the many top achievers from GSA schools include:

12 A* grades

Lizzie Westley from Oxfordshire (The Kingsley School) achieved 12 A*s and 1 B

10 A* grades

Emma Boomaars, Charlotte Devine, Grace Flanagan, Tobi Ajayi, Victoria Wei, Kristy Fok, Elina Pampapathi and Isabelle Johnson (Woldingham School).

Lauren Fisher (Moreton Hall), who, in achieving her 10 A*s, gained full marks in French and achieved perfect scores in seventeen of her other subject modules.

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