Choose your role models from Shakespeare – not reality TV…

GSA Head Jane Lunnon has suggested young women should model themselves on Shakespeare’s heroines instead of reality stars like the Kardashians, while speaking at the HMC Conference this week.

Jane Lunnon, head of Wimbledon High School, wants girls to focus on characters like Cleopatra, “who wield power and influence in a man’s world” and has launched a project to encourage pupils to imagine Shakespeare’s heroines in contemporary surroundings.   The project stemmed from a poll of pupils at the girls’ school in south-west London which showed that a significant number regarded Kim Kardashian West and pop star Taylor Swift as role models.

Mrs Lunnon pointed out parallels between the reality star and Cleopatra, the ruler of Egypt and lover of Julius Caesar and, later, of Mark Antony.
“The thing about Cleopatra is it’s… about image and how she sells the myth of Cleopatra. Kim Kardashian is selling the myth about Kim Kardashian.”

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