Junior School Symposium with Dulwich College

Junior School Symposium with Dulwich College

13 March 2017

The theme of PATTERN & CHAOS provided a wealth of opportunity for extra-curricular enrichment activities designed to offer challenge, excitement and fun in equal measure.  The girls and boys worked together for the day taking part in seminars, workshops and lessons in all areas of the curriculum with specialist teachers from JAPS/JAGS and Dulwich College and with expert visitors.  They explored the excitement of possibilities from Suminagashi in Art to Science in nature, Stupendous Darwin and Geology, from Coding to philosophy, illusion DT, learning the Hakka and 12 bar Blues and even overcoming fear on the JAGS climbing wall. 
Science Pyrotechnician, Matthew Tosh started the morning at JAPS and Saul Eisenberg brought his Junk Orchestra to DC.  Kjartan Poskitt, writer of the Murderous Maths books and One Drum African Drumming group took sessions on both sites.
It was a highly successful day during which the pupils engaged their intellect, curiosity and inquisitive nature through various activities they have not encountered before which encouraged them to question and challenge their existing understanding of a variety of concept and topics. 

“If I could change one thing, I would say, stay longer and do some more really fun activities and games.  Because they’re so joyful!” Asia Y4

“Yes, I would definitely like to take part in another Junior Symposium, as it was a day packed full of enriching and challenging activities and an opportunity for some great team building.” Elizabeth Y4

“It was definitely a 5/5 star day!  I wish we could have two days of Symposium.” Rose Y4

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