Top grades for Royal School students across the curriculum

Top grades for Royal School students across the curriculum

17 August 2017

The Royal School has significantly exceeded the national average by securing another set of excellent A Level grades, as the school’s results continue to improve year on year.  The hard work and commitment of both students and staff resulted in success in the very broad range of A level subjects offered at the school.   These results reinforce The Royal School’s reputation of consistent high achievement and very strong value-added. 

Almost 25% of students achieved straight A*/A grades. Outstanding performances came from Polly (3 A* grades, A* EPQ), Cordelia (2 A* grades, 3 A grades and Distinction in AEA Maths), Selina (2 A* grades, 2 A grades and Merit in AEA Maths), Wendy (4 A grades) and Head Girl, Yutong (4 A grades), all of whom achieved straight A*/A grades. They will go on to study Neuroscience, Physics, Mathematics and Economics and Chemistry at Russell Group universities.

Other university courses which Royal School students will go on to study this year include: Animation, Accounting and Finance, Law with Spanish, Marine Biology, Music and Psychology.

Overall, results were extremely positive with success in a wide range of subjects.  100% of students achieved A*-C grades in the following A Levels: Accounting, Biology, Chinese, Drama, English Literature, Further Maths, Geography, History, Japanese, Media, Music, Photography, Psychology, Spanish, Textiles and General Studies.

41.7% (up from 40% last year) were graded A*-A compared to a national average of 26.3%.

70.8% (up from 64.2% last year) were graded A*-B compared to a national average of 53.1%.

Royal School Principal, Mrs Anne Lynch, commented: “We are absolutely delighted with these results and very proud of our students and their teachers. These results represent many years of hard work and it is very rewarding to see students achieving the excellent outcomes that they deserve. The Royal School has been greatly praised by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate for the breadth and vibrancy of its curriculum. It is excellent that students have achieved so well in such a broad range of subjects and that they will go on to study such a wide variety of courses at prestigious universities.”

The Royal School is a non-selective school attracting pupils of wide ranging abilities and interests, all of which are valued and celebrated.

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