St Mary’s goes ‘Electricity Free’ for the day

St Mary’s goes ‘Electricity Free’ for the day

7 December 2017

The Prep Department at St Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross, has a team of “Eco Warriors” who have spent the last two weeks promoting ‘switch off fortnight’, which culminated in ‘No Electricity Day’ on Friday 1 December. 

‘No Electricity Day’ was a bid to raise awareness of climate change and to help encourage the girls to become more eco- friendly. Throughout the day all computers, printers, interactive white boards and even lights were switched off to highlight how much electricity they use, but also to see how well they could survive without it.  The girls found it strange not being able to switch on lights or use the interactive whiteboards, but enlightening too as they did recognise how reliant everyone is on electricity. Year 1 wrote stories by “candlelight”, Year 2 learnt about the world using a giant map, rather than the IWB, and Early Years learnt the story of Christmas using puppets. The challenge going forward is to see how they can reduce their electricity consumption on an ongoing basis and perhaps chat, read and play board games, instead of relying on TV or the internet for entertainment.

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