GSA School multiplies its praise to boost girls’ maths skills

Teachers are writing positive comments in the maths books of all pupils at a top girls’ schools to improve their confidence in the subject.

Outstanding results are already achieved by pupils at North London Collegiate but positive comments must now be included on all pieces of work to increase self-confidence and promote a “can-do” attitude.

The decision was inspired by research from Harvard, which showed that confidence was critical to success. The school also sends postcards to pupils to celebrate small achievements and teachers are asked to email students, and copy in form tutors, when small milestones are reached.
The school is adopting a number of maths initiatives to inject the subject with fun. These have included “maths-off” contests and musical talent shows.

Girls also mentor pupils two years below them in advanced mathematics and sixth-formers have been trying to make maths clubs more appealing. Teachers have given lectures on the philosophy of science, the links between maths and art, and the maths of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Read more in The Times 14/5/18

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