Farnborough Hill Pupils’ outstanding Extended Project Qualification Results

Farnborough Hill Pupils’ outstanding Extended Project Qualification Results

5 September 2018

The return to school brought great news for 27 of the Year 10s, who achieved outstanding results in their Extended Projects which they completed before the summer break. Ten girls earned an A*, 15 an A and two achieved B grades.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Level 1 allows the girls to choose an area of study which is of particular interest to them, and gain a qualification in recognition of the research they do in this area. They must work independently on their project, spending time planning and researching, before then presenting their work to an audience of teachers and peers.

The scope for the EPQ is endless: this year’s project titles ranged from Who was the most influential fashion designer of the 20th century and are they still today? to Should parents be prosecuted for letting children use social media under the age of 13? Some girls used their passion for sport as a starting point, for example How do athletes overcome significant setbacks?, while others took inspiration from their love of music: Do different types of music affect studying?. The girls’ reasons for undertaking such a challenging qualification were equally diverse. Charlotte commented: ‘I thought doing an EPQ would stretch my learning and also improve my organisational skills in preparation for my GCSEs and the future’, while Lucy added: ‘I wanted to face my fear of public speaking’.

Mrs Alexandra Neil, Head, is delighted for the girls, saying: ‘It was wonderful to welcome the girls back this morning. I am thrilled their voluntary hard work has been rewarded with these excellent results. I had thoroughly enjoyed the presentations on such interesting and wide-ranging subjects and I was extremely impressed with the standard of the work produced. The girls are now a step ahead with the development of key life skills, including time management and organisation, and the lessons learnt by undertaking an EPQ will see them through their GCSEs and A levels to university and beyond.’

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