Black History Month and every month

Black History Month and every month

13 October 2020

The ongoing discussions that Jersey College for Girls (JCG) students are having about race, inclusion and diversity are indicative of similar conversations in GSA schools around the country.

The shocking events of the summer led to JCG undertaking a deep review of their curriculum. For Black History Month, girls are working on projects to celebrate the successes of black British women. They are also celebrating the achievement of their English teacher, Abigail Atkinson, who was recently nominated for a Pride of Jersey award for Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year.

The school is laying foundations for the future with new resources for their library. Students have launched the ‘Uncomfortable Discussions’ group, a place where everyone can feel safe to discuss difficult topics and continue to learn about the world and each other. They have also created – with help from Media Studies teacher, Sam Hearn – this powerful video which asks uncomfortable questions, conveys a desire to learn more, and shows that, when we all stand together to listen, learn and educate, our schools are the perfect place to do so.




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