St Mary’s enjoys socially distanced drama production

St Mary’s enjoys socially distanced drama production

23 October 2020

The exam piece, ‘Land Girls’, delighted a small, socially distanced audience of their peer group bubble and teachers on 28 September; the anticipation at the start of the show was palpable! Having had to postpone the performance due to lockdown last year, the girls were keen to ‘get the show on the road’ on their return to school; working incredibly hard to adapt and re-stage the piece to avoid any physical contact and shared props, whilst maintaining social distance throughout the performance, in line with exam board and government guidance. So expert was their acting that this was not evident nor did this restriction in any way diminish the production.

This exceptional play, written by the Year 13 students, was based on historical research that the students carried out on the experience of Land Girls during World War II. It was a moving tale of three young women from vastly different backgrounds and circumstances, (a farm, a city, and high society), who learn to work together in order to support the war effort; forming lifetime friendships. The message of community spirit and camaraderie in the face of fear and adversity was a salient tale for current times. The engaging dialogue between the beautifully contrasting characters of Dotty, Betty and Flo, was highly amusing and cleverly interspliced with poignant monologues which moved some audience members to tears. The production was complemented by a stunning set, designed by the students but constructed by the school’s talented theatre technician, Joe Nicholson.

Head of Drama, Ms Roberts said: “Mr Abery and I are so incredibly proud of the girls and their stunning production. Not once did they complain about having to re-work and re-stage scenes to comply with covid safety measures. Instead, in true Land Army spirit, they rolled up their sleeves – washed their hands, sanitized many a prop and delivered one of the best A Level pieces I’ve seen at the school!”

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