St Helen and St Katharine Juniors and ‘outside classroom day’

St Helen and St Katharine Juniors and ‘outside classroom day’

3 December 2020

In between tending to the campfire and making their own bread and s’mores, the Juniors were taught lessons in a different format, making the most of the outdoor setting. Their art lesson became a study of the landscape around them and even German and maths took on a natural theme. The day was a great success with many clamours to repeat the experience very soon!

‘On Thursday 5 November, all of the Juniors went on an exciting outdoors day at Church Farm. We did a few of the normal subjects but there were lots of changes. For instance, in languages we did a scavenger hunt, in maths we did the natural metre challenge, and in art we drew landscapes with charcoal. It made it so fun!

We also did lots of work around the fire – we learned to cook there too! At lunchtime we played an exciting game. One of the best parts was when we toasted the marshmallows and made them into s’mores. S’mores are an abbreviation of the words ‘some mores’ and everybody wanted more because they were so delicious!

By the end we were begging to stay because we had had such an amazing day.’

Luisa Y6

‘We had an exciting adventure day, packed with amazing activities. Some of the highlights were playing manhunt at lunch, the cooking and the team building activities. I learnt lots about fire safety and I loved every single minute of it. It was a brilliant chance to get more fresh air and having outdoor lessons was splendid! In DT we measured the area of the pavilion, in maths we tried to make a metre with natural resources and in German we acted out the hungry caterpillar. Year 6 had a thrilling game of manhunt and we enjoyed exploring the area. We can’t wait until we have another opportunity to do it again.’

Mary Y6

‘Being outdoors was a lot more fun than learning inside! I think I have never found the subjects we did so fun.’

Ottilia Y6

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