Portsmouth High School GDST – GCSE results – ‘the girls should be proud to celebrate their successes’

Portsmouth High School GDST – GCSE results – ‘the girls should be proud to celebrate their successes’

12 August 2021

Girls at Portsmouth High School GDST were celebrating this morning after receiving their GCSE results.

‘This year, once again, has been very challenging for our GCSE students but they have worked so hard and should be proud to celebrate their successes,’ said Headmistress, Mrs Jane Prescott.

Mrs Katie Wood, Head of Year 11, added:

‘We are so proud of the incredible resilience and determination showed by these pupils particularly over the last two years of GCSE studies, the majority of which has been hugely disrupted. They have risen to every challenge, worked quickly to acclimatise to new teaching and learning methods with their characteristic good humour and ‘can do’ attitudes. They have supported each other and remained positive throughout this whole process. They deserve every success today and as they embark on their A-Level studies; they are a truly remarkable cohort.

Twins Tabby and Tilly, 16, were thrilled with their results with 5 A*s, 14 9s and an 8 between them.

Tabby said: ‘I’m extremely happy with my results. All my hard work was worth it. I’m really grateful or the support from my amazing teachers. Thank you!’ Tilly added: ‘I’m thrilled with mine too and their reflection of all the effort I put into exams and classwork.’

Tasia, 16, was celebrating with a string of 9s, 8s, A*s and As. ‘I was not expecting these results and am so pleased,’ she said. ‘I’m going to be staying at Portsmouth High School for Sixth Form studying, physics, mathematics and chemistry.’

Diyaa, 16, too, was celebrating with 9s, 8s and A*s. ‘It’s been a hard year but we’ve all managed to get through and I am just so delighted with these results and so happy for everyone. I’m going to be taking mathematics chemistry and sociology with possibly a thought to being a pharmacist in the future. I’m now off to a celebratory lunch with friends and a meal out with family tonight.’

‘I am so pleased with my results of a mix of 9s, 8s an 7s,’ said Sophie. ‘I’m off to celebrate with family for a meal. I’m staying at Portsmouth High School to study biology, chemistry and geography for A Levels and really excited about coming back in September’

Annice, with a mix of A*s, 9s and 7s, added: ‘I am really excited about coming back for Sixth Form to study geography, psychology and sociology. My friends have played a massive part in making the last couple of years enjoyable. The teachers have been so supportive and have always been just an email away and so helpful.’

Mrs Jane Prescott, added: We are delighted that our students can celebrate their hard work and we look forward to welcoming them back to Portsmouth High School Sixth Form in September.’

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