Oxford High School GDST receives ‘Excellent’ inspection rating

Oxford High School GDST receives ‘Excellent’ inspection rating

7 June 2023

Teachers, students and leaders at Oxford High School GDST are basking in the glow of their latest inspection report, conducted by the ISI in March 2023. The school was judged as excellent in all areas and met the compliance requirements which are vital to protecting students.

Marina Gardiner Legge, Head of Oxford High School said, “I’m delighted with the results of our inspection. I was particularly thrilled by the vibrancy in the report, as it showcased the extraordinary learning and personal development that our pupils, supported by caring staff, display.”

Highlights from the report include:

  • “Pupils have an excellent attitude to their academic work; they are curious, ambitious and scholarly learners with an excellent work ethic.”
  • “Pupils make rapid progress across the curriculum…There is a consistent pattern of strong academic attainment, with many pupils attaining results above those expected on entry.”
  • “Excellent relationships between staff and pupils engender an atmosphere of mutual pleasure in working to achieve success.”
  • “Pupils’ study skills are highly developed; they ask searching questions and are confident in drawing together and analysing information from a range of resources.”
  • “Pupils say they are part of a close-knit and supportive school where people look after each other.”

The inspection, conducted by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), which is appointed by the Department for Education to on the extent to which schools meet the Independent School Standards. Inspections such as this one (Educational Quality with Focused Compliance) are conducted on schools, on average, every three years.

A particular focus of the inspectors’ report was the students’ personal development. The inspectors sought parents’ views and reflected on their collective opinion, that “the school is highly successful in encouraging pupils to be resilient, unafraid of challenge and self-assured”. When they asked pupils, they said they could rely on staff to help with advice or flexibility regarding work deadlines, adding to the inspectors’ observation that “the pupils’ skill at managing their time effectively enables them to balance a demanding workload with enthusiastic engagement in other activities.”

Other personal development highlights included:

  • “Pupils’ words and actions show that they are maturing into perceptive moral citizens with an acute perception of the impact of behaviour on others.”
  • “Pupils reflect critically on their understanding and management of their own emotions when they encounter difficulties and demonstrate the ability to reflect honestly on their experiences.”
  • “The school’s atmosphere is one of genuine mutual respect and inclusivity; they do not simply tolerate difference; they relish and value it.”
  • “Pupils say that the school is a safe place, a community where they feel known, respected and encouraged to grow into the people they want to be.”

Marina Gardiner Legge, Head of Oxford High School continued, “The sparkiness, wit and the moral courage and integrity of our pupils shines throughout, from Reception through to our Sixth Form. We pride ourselves at Oxford High as a school which empowers every student to find their voice and motivational power to support themselves and others. That self-belief, confidence and efficacy is evidenced and celebrated throughout the inspection report; don’t just read it though, come and see our extraordinary students and school for yourself.”

The full report is available here.

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