Girls Take On Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Girls Take On Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

13 July 2023

In this national challenge, they applied their knowledge and demonstrated superb problem-solving skills in new complex scenarios.

The standard this year was exceptionally high, but this year’s certificates included, for the first time in the current Chemistry Department’s memory, a Gold Award for Uma Patel!

Silver Awards were also presented to Aaminah Patel (who nearly achieved Gold), Adithi Prasad, Charlotte Reece, Nicola Shaw and Jemima Stubbs. Copper certificates were achieved by Elise Hardwick, Asilah Hasan, Charlotte Hothersall, Isobel Pursey, Aminasuweida Rohle and Syeda Batool Tabani.

Congratulations to all seventeen students who took part in the Challenge.

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