Illuminating Lives & Inspiring Futures Digital Booklet

Illuminating Lives & Inspiring Futures Digital Booklet

1 December 2023

The Girls’ Schools Association champions girls.

“We revel in the incredible young women in our schools and celebrate them. This GSA Illuminating Lives Inspiring Futures digital booklet has been made in collaboration with our friends at Newsquest, gives GSA girls the chance to shine a light on what matters to them most.

Our girls are happy to speak up and speak out and it feels good to share their ideas, hopes and compassion to the world, a world that they are creating. Our schools have always empowered girls. We want all girls who leave our schools to do so as courageous, enthusiastic, risk-takers, with a clear sense of perspective and inner resilience which will make them independent young women.

Thanks to the girls for making the time and making their mark. We need to hear more women’s and girls’ voices in the world, and I am proud to have given our GSA girls just that chance”.

– Donna Stevens, Girls’ Schools Association, Chief Executive

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