Global Mentoring Network for Aspiring Leaders

Programme Content

  • Personalized, one-to-one feedback about individual style and strengths using the Insights Discovery psychometric questionnaire.
  • Four confidential meetings with a dedicated mentor. Mentors are non-educators who have enjoyed successful high-profile careers in a diverse range of organizations, including Microsoft, REI, Santander Bank, Barclays Bank, and a number of public sector bodies.
  • A community project in which mentees from different countries will be partnered with one another. The aims of the project are for mentees to (1) work together to solve an ill-defined problem of the sort which Heads of School/Principals regularly encounter, and (2) consider how to implement the project in a context with which they are unfamiliar. View samples of past topics.
  • In-person or virtual participation in the ICGS  Conference, June 26-28 2023 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. (Mentees will receive a steeply discounted registration rate.)

Participants will also have access to a private LinkedIn group to network and communicate and will receive an e-copy of The Magic in the Space Between: How a Unique Mentoring Programme is Transforming Women’s Leadership. Click here to download the first chapter.


Cost of Programme

£650 + VAT per participant




“The mentoring program for me was enlightening and life changing. The program made me feel valued, supported, worthy, and listened to. At a time of huge self-doubt and confusion and frustration, it provided a forum for self-evaluation and spurred me on to make small positive changes that brought subsequently huge positive momentum. I owe the program so much and will be always indebted to how it helped change my life for me professionally, but also personally, as the changes have improved the quality of life with my children, too.” —Former Program Participant


Start the nomination process
Nominations due by 30 June, 2022



“Having a mentor has made such a difference to me, it’s added impetus…It has made me more reflective, more outward looking.” —Former Program Participant


If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Ian Wigston, Co-founder of Bright Field Consulting.



Originally developed for aspiring women leaders, the Global Leadership Network is now open to all. Participants must be thought capable of reaching headship or CEO/COO level within 5-7 years. Otherwise, there is no restriction – senior teachers, heads of department and members of SLTs have participated on the programme. Interested applicants can self-nominate or be nominated by their current Head/Principal. We are particularly interested in encouraging applicants whose ethnicity is currently under-represented in school leadership, such as those with black or Asian heritage, and may be able to offer them a fee subsidy.


Start the nomination process
Nominations due by 30 June, 2022



Time Commitment

The time commitment for each mentee for the full program is approximately 2-3 days for each mentoring session (assuming a day of preparation/follow up time) and 8-10 days total for the community project. Please note the program spans an entire calendar year and that most meetings will occur via Zoom or an equivalent platform.

Click here for a full timeline.

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