The 7th UK Girls’ Schools Expo Hong Kong 2023

The 7th UK Girls’ Schools Expo Hong Kong 2023


The 7th UK Girls’ Schools Expo Hong Kong 2023 will be held at the Sheraton Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui from 10:30am to 4:30pm on the 28th October 2023. Join us for the opportunity to speak  directly with headteachers and delegates from 15 GSA girls’ schools and get the most up-to-date school information. The event is free and on a first come first served basis. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to meet your favorite schools, please register via this link and contact CIS Education for meeting arrangements afterwards. Further information can be viewed here.

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The Girls’ School Association (GSA) represents over 150 independent girls’ schools across the UK. GSA schools are experts in educating girls and they encourage the highest standards of education, pastoral care and co-curricular activity, and provide a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities in art, music, drama, sport and more.

Modern Boarding

Friendships with a depth of shared understanding can last a lifetime.

Friendships that develop in the unique environment of a British girls’ boarding school have at their heart a deep and shared understanding that transcends geographic and cultural borders. Most GSA Boarding Schools educate girls from a number of countries, with the majority coming from the UK. This gives your daughter the opportunity to experience a tremendous wealth of cultural diversity and gain an understanding of the issues facing girls and women around the world. Friendships made at a GSA School often last a lifetime.

Academic excellence is expected at a GSA Boarding School.

Girls are free to choose the subjects which suit them best. A large proportion of students choose to study – and perform well in – maths, sciences and languages. Overall, they achieve higher grades in their final exams and typically, 96% of pupils go on to the best universities in the UK and internationally including the US. GSA Boarding Schools are particularly successful at supporting girls who want to continue their studies at Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities in the UK.

At a GSA Boarding School, your daughter will learn that everything and anything is within her reach.

When your daughter goes to a girls’ Boarding School, you are giving her a unique opportunity to experience every role and every activity. The particular environment that only a boarding school can provide will enable her to shine, with its holistic ‘whole-person’ approach, its ability to overcome limiting gender stereotypes and its extensive co-curricular programmes. At the same time, GSA Boarding Schools provide regular social activities and partnerships with other schools, charities and the wider community, providing your daughter with opportunities to meet new people and make a positive contribution to society.

Give your daughter confidence, resilience and, most importantly, the freedom to be herself.

GSA Boarding Schools build tremendous confidence in girls as they recognise their growing capacity for self-reliance and self-determination. Staff build positive relationships, supporting girls both in and out of class and understanding their needs as a whole person. As one of our boarding students, your daughter will be at the heart of making her own decisions and learn to take responsibility for herself in a supportive environment. She will master new skills, taking calculated risks – whether in a challenging weekend expedition, an inter-House sports or music competition, or through her academic studies – developing resilience and a positive mindset in the process. Throughout her school years, your daughter’s GSA school will acknowledge and nurture her unique identity.

GSA Boarding gives your daughter space to grow at her own pace.

GSA Boarding Schools make every effort to make sure your daughter is comfortable in her new surroundings. In many schools, your daughter will have her own room and bathroom and in others she will share with a few close friends. She can decorate her room as she likes, with photographs of family, friends and pets, and experienced House parents will support her as she settles into school life. Staff spend time getting to know her as a whole person, so they can encourage her in all her individual endeavours and aspirations. The days are deliberately structured to give your daughter the mental and physical space she needs to develop at her own pace.

The Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) is a professional association that supports and inspires specialists in girls’ education and provides development opportunities in a friendly, collaborative environment.

Our schools provide:

  • good discipline and behaviour
  • flexibility and freedom
  • commitment to nurturing the individual
  • small class sizes
  • ethos of high expectations
  • diverse range of extra-curricular activities
  • culture of valuing and respecting teachers
  • commitment to social mobility (around one third of independent school pupils receive means-tested bursary support)
  • wide variety of schools (e.g. small, large, day, boarding, rural, city)

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