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Accredited International Membership

Accredited International Members are the Headteachers of schools in which the majority of pupils (throughout the school or in a particular part of the school, eg from ages 11 to 16) are girls and which meet the standards which GSA expects of all its Full Members. These standards relate to the way in which a school’s curricular and co-curricular provision supports pupils academically and pastoral so that they can become active members of their community and lead fulfilling adult lives. They also relate to the leadership, management and governance of the school, for example with regard to Safeguarding and Health and Safety.

Schools whose Headteacher enjoys Accredited International Membership may use the GSA logo on their website and marketing materials. Benefits can be found here.

The cost of Accredited International Membership is £499 per annum. In addition, the school must pay for the initial Accreditation process to take place. This process will either be through an in-person Accreditation visit, with the cost of the visit borne by the school, or through a virtual process, in which the cost will be related to the amount of time required for the Membership Team to complete the Accreditation process by reading documentation and speaking to relevant staff, pupils and stakeholders. Full details of the Accreditation costs will be calculated on receipt of the initial application which should include:

  • Your application must include the following:

    • Online application form filled in by or on behalf of the prospective Member (ie the Headteacher or Principal)
    • Headteacher’s/ Principal’s CV & Biography
    • Hi resolution photo of the Head/ Principal
    • Summary of School’s Governance Structure and/or Ownership
    • Curriculum/Subjects offered to students by year group
    • BSO (or equivalent inspection report) if available*

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Associate International Membership

Associate International Members are the leaders of school groups in which some or all member schools are for girls, the Headteachers of co-educational schools abroad or other individuals with a legitimate interest in the education of girls. Associate International membership costs £499 per annum.

Benefits of Associate International Membership can be found here.

In order to apply for Associate International Membership, an individual should complete or provide the following:

  • Online application form
  • CV & Biography
  • Hi resolution photo
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