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Redmaids’ High School was formed in 2016 from the merger of two of the South West’s finest girls’ schools – The Red Maids’ School and Redland High School for Girls.

The combined history of over 500 years provides proven experience and expertise ineducating girls. At the same time, as a ‘new’ school, it has been revitalised with a fresh, dynamic purpose and provides an outstanding education for girls, which helps to shape impressive young women.

The first-class facilities provide the very best learning environments, allowing girls to excel not only academically but also in sport, drama, art and music. Technology makes a central contribution to the way students work and learn – the school uses iPad technology in the classroom to create dynamic and independent learning environments. In addition, the international links developed over recent years and the thriving alumni network is an integral part of the school and a hugely valuable asset for the students.

All this adds up to Redmaids’ High School being one of the finest girls’ schools in the UK for girls aged 4 to 18. The opportunities and facilities – combined with excellent teaching –equip young women with the skills and confidence to truly make their mark in today’s world.

Top 100 school

Academically, the courses are modern and stimulating and links with many industries and professions bring practical and up-to-date learning directly into the classroom. In the Sixth Form students choose from the IB Diploma or A Levels. On the basis of academic results at the end of Years 11 and 13, Redmaids’ High features regularly in the Top 100 independent schools.

Best for Girls

As one of the leading girls’ schools in the country, Redmaids’ High School understands the wide-ranging benefits of a single-sex education.

The school provides a learning environment where everything is focused on the girls. Where there is no dilution of attention to their needs as young women. And where they are offered all the opportunities and hold all the responsibilities.In practical terms, girls at Redmaids’ High:

  • Lead – Girls fill every position of responsibility. They have a say in everything that happens, grow in confidence, take risks and inspire others.
  • Achieve – Girls excel in academic subjects that have traditionally been the preserve of boys, such as physics, technology, engineering, computing, robotics and maths.
  • Progress – Female-centred learning strategies are based on years of experience and draw on the latest research. Girls have what they need to really flourish.
  • Aim high – Girls can relax, be them-selves and focus on what is important, without distraction. They compete in sport at the highest level, pursue their talents in the creative and performing arts, and develop a deep love of academic learning.
  • Connect – The girls are networked into a rich community of successful female alumnae and professionals who can support them in the world of work.When it comes to deciding the next step, students are supported by a dedicated team of specialists providing bespoke university and careers advice, helping girls to win places at top, world-class universities.
Gifted & Talented

Redmaids’ High School has a well-established Athena Programme which helps students to develop their academic skills through a range of additional stimulating and challenging opportunities.

Athena activities are open to all students. However those who have been identified as gifted or talented or who have been awarded scholarships are expected to take full advantage.

The programme includes visits from high profile speakers and published authors; one-to- one mentoring sessions; help with applying to Oxbridge and other top universities; and entry to high profile events such as the Model United Nations and Engineering Challenge Days. Girls also take part in trips to specialist music concerts, theatrical productions, talks, workshops, museums or art galleries across the country.


A Special Educational Needs (SEN) team is made up of qualified specialist teachers. They make sure that appropriate help is given to girls with a permanent or temporary learning difficulty or disability. This may include a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or a sensory impairment.


The SEN team also help students who may not have a Special Education Need but require additional support with learning, for example, students with English as an additional language.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Scholarships are available to young women who show true potential, a dedication to learning and a lot of ambition in any subject. They are available for entry into Years 7, 9, 10 and 12 for both internal and external candidates. They may also be considered for exceptional students entering at other stages.Scholarships are available to young women who show true potential, a dedication to learning and a lot of ambition in any subject. They are available for entry into Years 7, 9, 10 and 12 for both internal and external candidates. They may also be considered for exceptional students entering at other stages.

Year 7 and 9 Scholarships:

Academic – Academic Scholarships are awarded to the top-performing girls in the Year 7 and 9 entrance exam. All girls sitting the exam will automatically be considered for awards. No means-testing is involved.

Sport – Sports Scholarships are available for students who show significant potential in one of the school’s main sports. They are likely to play at club and/or area level and have the potential to play at regional / national level.

Music – Music Scholarships are available, which may offer offer discount on the fees and include free tuition on up to two instruments in school.

Sixth Form Scholarships

Redmaids’ High School has expanded its range of Sixth Form Scholarships to highlight its ongoing commitment to girls’ education and to academically able young women.

For internal and external candidates:

  • STEM Scholarship – science, maths, technology, computing
  • Liberal Arts Scholarship – English, humanities, languages
  • Performance Scholarship – music, drama, art
  • Senior Sports Scholarship – emphasis on the school’s major sports of netball and hockey (although other sports will be considered)

For external candidates:

  • IB Scholarship – to reward commitment to the international values and ethos of the IB.
  • Oasis Academy Brightstowe Scholarships – up to two special scholarships are available to girls from Oasis Academy Brightstowe who excel in their GCSEs, scholarship exams and interviews.


The unique founding origins of Redmaids’ High mean the school can offer a number of fully and partially-funded places. As a broad guide, most bursaries offer up to 50% discount on the fees, although two fully-funded places are available each year.

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