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The Queen’s School is a uniquely nurturing environment which enables girls, aged from 4-18, to truly achieve their full potential. Pupils are treated as individuals, pastoral care is strong and girls are encouraged to aim high by both teachers and their friends. Girls embrace new opportunities and challenges in a positive atmosphere where success at every level is celebrated. As a result, they grow into confident, articulate and intelligent young women with a sense of belonging and self-worth. Such is the quality of learning at the Lower School (4-11), that girls receive automatic entry into the Senior School at Year 7.

Queen’s sixth form, set in historic Chester city centre, is a unique environment which allows students to learn and grow to reach their own individual potential. Girls are treated as young adults with interactive tutorial-style learning and a wide range of enrichment activities to develop debating and presentation skills and encourage leadership and teamwork. This, coupled with our tailored admissions and careers support, provides the ideal stepping stone to the best courses and to top universities: Queen’s has topped the A level league tables locally twice in the past three years with girls going on to study everything from medicine, aviation, and engineering to languages, music and fine art at the best universities. Above all, girls enjoy the sixth form at Queen’s. They leave well qualified, happy, confident, articulate and ready to seize all that life has to offer.

Gifted & Talented

At The Queen’s School we pride ourselves on nurturing every girl’s gifts and talents. Whether through stimulating lessons which encourage academic rigour and challenge or through our busy extra-curricular programme, we aim to support all girls in their aspirations. Musicians are given opportunities to perform at school and public events from a very young age, mathematicians enter and succeed in regional and national competitions, linguists practise their skills on numerous exciting trips and visits, scientists attend academic residentials where they meet like-minded students, talented sportswomen are given expert tuition to raise their game to the highest possible level, artists exhibit at regional exhibitions, aspiring actors immerse themselves in theatre, scrutinising professional performances and learning how to hone their own craft and Medics and Oxbridge hopefuls are given the best possible advice and guidance to help them realise their dreams in a very competitive environment. We are also very proud of our Holdich Society which gives senior girls the chance to speak in a public forum about topics that truly inspire them, from the cilia of cells, to neurolinguistic programming, to the ethics of the cosmetics industry. Our aim is to bring out the best in all our students by giving them a rich and diverse programme of opportunities to extend their talents to the very highest levels.


At Queen’s we support girls who present with a range of specific learning difficulties. These include dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Condition, Scotopic sensitivity, motor co-ordination difficulties and processing speed difficulties. An SEN register is maintained, outlining the girls’ specific difficulties and informing teacher of the strategies that need to be put in place for each individual student.

SEN support at Queen’s varies according to need: some support will be through provision made by the mainstream class teacher; where necessary the support tutor will help in the mainstream classroom; sometimes girls may be withdrawn from some mainstream lessons for specific interventions. Girl’s progress is reviewed regularly with 3 way input from student, parent and teacher. Information is shared and necessary adjustments to provision made as a result of the review process.
All girls are screened at the beginning of year 7 to assess their spelling ability and interventions are put in place for those who need it. The school employs a specialist dyslexia teacher who delivers these interventions. There is a continual dialogue between the specialist dyslexia teacher (learning support tutor) and other teaching staff. There is a referral process that teachers make use of when they have concerns about a possible specific learning difficulty they may have detected. The learning support tutor (specialist dyslexia teacher) will follow up any concerns and suggest strategies or interventions accordingly.

The specialist dyslexia teacher is trained in diagnostic assessment for dyslexia and is able to complete assessment for examination access arrangements for external examinations in-house.

There is a spelling club each week, which is a games-based, fun and relaxed lunch time session for girls in KS3. This is a well resourced club which gives the younger girls the opportunity to have a chat as well as reinforce some of those tricky spelling rules. This club tends to attract girls with a wide range of spelling ability. At KS4 & 5 the learning support tutor offers a drop-in lunchtime slot for any girls who would like extra help with study skills, reading skills, revision skills or general organisation and exam prep.

The aim is for the support to be individualised and offered according to student need.

Bursaries & Scholarships


Ursula Keyes Scholarship
Sixth Form scholarship for girls intending to study medicine. The award is made on the basis of examination, reference and interview and is open to any girl wanting to join the school to study Chemistry and Biology at A-level. The Scholarship Award is for £500 and also includes a bursary to cover up to full fees.

Amanda Latham Scholarship
Sixth Form scholarship offered in memory of Amanda Latham, a former Art teacher, at The Queen’s School. This award is made on the basis of an examination, portfolio and interview, and is open to any girl intending to study Art in the Sixth Form. Applicants must have a genuine interest in engaging with contemporary and historical artists’ work. The award is to the value of £500.

The governors are committed to broadening access to the school by the provision of bursaries for girls attending our Senior School. Bursaries are means-tested and awards are made on a combination of academic merit and financial need at the absolute discretion of the governors.

The level of bursary support varies depending upon parental need and bursary funds available, but can extend to full fee remission. A bursary will be expressed in cash terms and, once awarded, will be held throughout the pupil’s school career at The Queen’s School.

The amount of the bursary will be reviewed every year and will depend upon parental income and family circumstances and the names of award holders will not be made public.

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