Royal School Rising Roboteers

Royal School Rising Roboteers

14 January 2019


The Royal School was delighted with the success of some of its pupils during the Christmas holidays. The Beyond Scratch Robotics Team, The Rising Roboteers, which comprises ten Junior and Senior pupils (Years 5-8) from The Royal School, took part in the Regional First Lego League Competition at Portsmouth University on 19 December.

Mr Andy Brixey, ICT teacher, said, “The pupils worked incredibly hard to prepare for the competition and they were a real credit to the school. Not only did they do an outstanding job of demonstrating the School’s 7Cs (Curiosity, Creativity, Courage, Cooperation, Compassion, Commitment & Christianity) through their work, commitment and encouragement of the other teams, but they succeeded in winning the trophy for the Best Science Project!”

Isla, Year 7, reported, “In preparation for the competition, we had to do lots of building, programming, science research and core values challenges. On the day we had a Robot Design Presentation, when we had to talk about the different parts of our robot, Rising Robo 3.0, which of the competition challenges we had managed to complete and how the machine’s different attachments worked.

Next was the Science Presentation. Our presentation was all about exercise in space. We shared our own ideas about how we could make exercise in space more exciting, as lots of astronauts say that exercise in space gets quite boring. We thought that we could use virtual reality to improve it, so that they can play games whilst doing exercise at the same time. It would also give them a chance to play with others, so it would be less of a chore and more of a fun activity. This was great fun as we used a giant wall sized television to show our slide show and had to answer questions about space from university professors.

After that, it was the time for the Core Values Presentation. The core values are things like impact (how to make a difference to people) and inclusion (cooperating and making sure that everyone is involved and understands what is going on). It was a big part of the competition as all the judges wanted us to be working together and having fun.

Finally, it was the Robot Game, a set of challenges that you need to complete by building a robot to fulfil the task. You have three attempts on the robot game and they pick your best score out of the three. We scored 22 every try – the most consistent score in the competition and we managed to do two challenges successfully every time!

We had all had a great time and left the competition feeling very proud of each other, as we had all worked very hard. Next year, we would like to go back and win the best team trophy and place in the national finals!”

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