Moreton Hall Launches International School

Moreton Hall Launches International School

16 May 2019

The School will cater for children aged 3 to 7 and is expected to be the first of a number of schools under the auspices of Moreton Hall opening in different cities in the Shanghai region.

Moreton Hall International will open in September 2019 with an initial roll of 100 children but is expected to grow substantially over the next 5 years. The inaugural headteacher has been appointed and will visit the Moreton Hall next week.

This project is a collaboration between Moreton Hall and a Chinese partner, who is financing the project.

The benefits of this collaboration are clear: it allows both staff and students to visit the school and other associated schools in China and will strengthen the links between Moreton First and education in China. The Chinese partner has made many visits to Moreton and wishes to replicate the educational principles and excellent standards of Moreton in China.

Moreton Hall’s responsibilities will be to ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning and that the new school will share the ethos and values of Moreton First and Moreton Hall.

Moreton Hall will be overseeing the appointment of British staff and will provide training to staff from China.

Following in the footsteps of many top public schools who have opened schools in China this venture will cement Moreton’s position as one of the country’s leading schools, at the forefront of innovation and enterprise.

Additionally the fee income generated will enhance Moreton Hall’s revenue, allowing for further developments at Moreton over the next few years.

Principal Jonathan Forster has worked with International Director Victoria Eastman on this project for some time and is delighted to share this announcement.

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