A Level Results: Bucking the trend at St Augustine’s Priory

A Level Results:  Bucking the trend at St Augustine’s Priory

15 August 2019

Yet again, St Augustine’s Priory, the Ealing Catholic independent day school for girls has worked with girls, teachers and parents to buck national trends: girls have achieved outstanding results in STEM subjects. And whilst nationally English Literature is declining, at St Augustine’s it is in rude health. Three in five girls have achieved their first place at university against 1 in 5 nationally. Among other destinations, girls are headed to Nottingham for Veterinary Science, Manchester for Mathematics & Actuarial Science, Edinburgh for English and also for History & Classics, Exeter for Natural Sciences, for History and also for Law with Business, King’s London for Spanish and English, Reading for Architecture, Loughborough for Politics & Economics, Sheffield for Politics & Modern Languages and the University of the Arts, London for Animation.

At St Augustine’s Priory 34% of all A Level grades are A* – A (up from 32% in 2018), surpassing national results where 25.5% grades were A* or A, down on 26.4% in 2018. At St Augustine’s Priory 73% grades are A* – B. With 100% A* and A grades in Biology, Physics, Russian and Spanish and 100% A* – B grades in Chemistry, Maths, History, Art, Classical Civilisation, Drama, German and Music, the breadth and range of the St Augustine’s Priory pupils’ A Level success is something to celebrate. For example, three A Level students gained A*s and As in a range of subjects: English Literature, History, Spanish, Chemistry, German, Maths, Physics, Business, Geography and Sociology. In the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) more than three quarters of grades achieved were A* – A. The EPQ is highly valued by all the top universities. Sixth Form pupils who undertake an EPQ are prepared intellectually for study at university through rigorous and scholarly independent research which enables them to hone their skills of academic writing and referencing, uniquely equipping them to hit the ground running at university in a way that A Levels alone do not.

In addition, in Year 11, 100% of Cambridge IGCSE History candidates achieved the grades 9, 8 and 7 with 54% of pupils achieving the top grade of 9 and 23% achieving grades 8 and 7 equally. Also in Year 11, in the FSMQ Additional Maths qualification, which stands as a bridge between GCSE and A Level, 60% of candidates achieved the top grade of A.

One aspect of this success is that St Augustine’s Priory makes sure girls keep their eyes on the outside world. As important to them are the stories of Sixth Form girls currently travelling in Vietnam and Russia, making the most of their travel scholarships. St Augustine’s Priory is not defined by examination board boundaries. They are human beings first and foremost.

These results yet again confirm the power of an education at St Augustine’s Priory, results achieved by a winning combination of community and working to pupils’ strengths, working well with teachers and parents and also hard work! At St Augustine’s Priory, their joyful community continues to provide an outstanding education for girls which prepares them for all of life’s challenges.

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