It All Adds Up For Ladies’ College As Pupils Celebrate Top Maths Results

It All Adds Up For Ladies’ College As Pupils Celebrate Top Maths Results

15 August 2019

The pupils at the school achieved top results across all subjects with 81% of all grades at A*-C level. It was in Maths and Further Maths, however that the girls achieved their best results with 50% of all Further Maths grades at A* and 100% at A*-A.

This was the first year of the new, more rigorous A level Maths and Further Maths exams which Ofqal (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) describe as having significantly changed from the previous courses.

According to the Office of Fiscal Studies, girls account for just 28% of all students taking Further Maths at A level, but Maths graduates earn 13% more than the average graduate. The Girls’ School Association reports however, that pupils are 75% more likely to take Maths A level in an all-girls school.

Sylvia Brett, Principal of Harrogate Ladies’ College commented, “There’s a lot of discussion at the moment about the gender gap and the importance of encouraging girls to take STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. I’m particularly pleased that as an all-girls school, we’re leading the way in this area. We

put a lot of focus on encouraging girls to be bold, to be brave and to think differently about their subjects and their future careers. Our Maths results are testament to this and I’m delighted to see our girls now going on to study amazing STEM related subjects at university such as Medicine, Computing, Pharmacy, Neuroscience, Criminology and Aerospace.

“I’ve seen a lot of hard work and determination from the girls and I hope that they are all very proud and that the results announced today will give each and every girl the opportunity to follow their own individual and unique path in the world.”

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