Jersey College A level Exam Results – Effort, perseverance and ambition combined

Jersey College A level Exam Results – Effort, perseverance and ambition combined

15 August 2019

Carl Howarth, Principal of JCG, stated:

‘Effort, perseverance and ambition combined with the great support and care of their teachers and parents, have enabled our students to excel not just academically but far more importantly as thoughtful, accomplished, courageous and kind human beings. These excellent exam results are but one measure of someone’s education and while they will open doors to incredible future opportunities, a grade can never define a person. Grades can neither reflect the excellent progress our students have made throughout their time at JCG.

When looking at this academic measure of the College as a whole, 46% of our grades are at the very top band of A* or A with 92% of all grades at A* – C. It’s essential the exam system provides an accurate assessment of someone’s ability and this include the accuracy of marking and so I expect our results will increase further once we have challenged a number of marks. We are also delighted that the strategies our students and staff have been pursuing has increased our A* and A grades by 13% over the last four years. We believe with care, expert guidance and belief, all our students can do well and our students are showing this to be true at JCG.

These results enable our students to pursue a wide range of degrees including Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Languages, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy, Law and Teaching. We wish them every success and happiness as they venture on to universities ranging from Oxford, Durham, Exeter, local and international institutions to name just a few. We also congratulate our students choosing to stay in the Island to work and who have all secured great positions in a range of local businesses.’

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