St Mary’s Calne pupil gains place on Royal Academy of Arts ‘attRAct’ Programme

St Mary’s Calne pupil gains place on Royal Academy of Arts ‘attRAct’ Programme

26 November 2019

Many congratulations to Year 13 Art Scholar, Jane Wu, who has been offered a place on the Royal Academy of Arts attRAct 2020 programme. Only 50 places were offered, so Jane should be very proud of this achievement.

‘attRAct’ is a free, one-year long programme for young people aged 16-18, run by the Royal Academy of Arts in London. It is for those who want to take part in creative workshops such as life drawing and screen printing, receiving careers advice from art professionals and temporary work placements during the summer. There will also be many lectures, university open days, graduate shows and exhibitions throughout the course, enriching Jane’s experience.

Jane commented: “I heard about this programme through the Head of Youth Management at the RA when I applied for the Young Artists’ Summer Show earlier on this year. It seemed like a fantastic opportunity as I will be able to study in the buzzing city centre of London, alongside being in school. The RA offered me a group interview upon the submission of my personal statement. As there were well over 100 applicants invited for interview, we were divided into smaller groups to carry out different activities. The interview session included unseen art work critiques, making models from Play-Doh, drawing self-portraits, mark making from observation and much more. It was a good chance for me to get to meet other people who also have an interest in art. There were questions asked by the programme staff throughout, testing our ability to discuss art in a non-formal yet spontaneous way. After I take my A Levels and leave St Mary’s, this programme will run alongside my Art Foundation course. I believe this course will also push my artistic boundaries, as professionals within the field will be present throughout. The course will also enable me to develop useful connections in the creative industries which will be of great benefit to me in the future.”

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