Mathematics challenge day for primary schools

Mathematics challenge day for primary schools

10 March 2020

This week, Portsmouth High School hosted local primary and junior schools for their annual Mathematics Challenge Day.

The schools taking part were: Arundel Court Primary, Fernhurst Juniors, Highbury Primary, Hook with Warsash Primary, Newbridge Primary, Westbourne House School and Portsmouth High Prep School.

The visiting girls from Years 5 and 6 were faced with some stretching mathematics challenges covering numeracy, shape and space activities including group rounds where they had to collaboratively answer questions and relay rounds where basic algebra, amongst other skills, was required. The questions were provided by the UK Mathematics Trust.

‘The day is about having fun doing mathematics,’ said Mr Paul Goldbrum, Head of Mathematics at Portsmouth High School. ‘It is a chance for girls in teams to come together to solve mathematical problems in a supportive and enthusiastic way and dispels the notion that mathematics can’t be fun. With the guidance of Portsmouth High School Year 10 girls, they have been encouraged to think beyond their comfort zones.’

Portsmouth High School’s Year 10 pupils were each allocated a school to mentor.

Mrs Nice, from Hook with Warsash Primary School, said:

‘The girls have enjoyed a good variety of activities. The Year 10 Portsmouth High School girls have helped them with the challenges and are fabulous role models for the younger girls.’

Mrs Barker, from Westbourne House School, added:

‘The girls have all enjoyed working together as a team taking part in the different challenges.’

Somaya, from Fernhurst Junior School, said:

‘I have really enjoyed the day. It has been fun but really challenging.’ Tabitha from Westbourne House added: ‘It has been a different way of learning maths and so much fun.’

Emily, from Portsmouth High School Year 10, said:

‘It was fun to get to know the girls and work with them. They have been so excited when they have got the answers right but challenged to keep going if they didn’t get it right the first time.’

Jessica, from Year 10, added;

‘It has been fun to encourage a love of maths for the younger girls.’

The day finished with a mathematics relay with a selection of puzzles involving shape, space and logic questions, where speed was essential, and the ability to stay on your feet.

The winning team was Hook with Warsash and Westbourne House coming in a close second.

‘We got top marks in the logic round and we have had so much fun,’ chorused the girls from Hook with Warsash, ably assisted by Daisy from Portsmouth High’s Year 10.

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