Woldingham School supports local NHS staff with face visors and eye goggles

Woldingham School supports local NHS staff with face visors and eye goggles

31 March 2020

Woldingham School is supporting NHS staff to keep safe by making protective face visors using 3D printers and donating goggles normally used in science lessons. The first 48 face visors are going to local GPs and clinicians on Tuesday 31 March. The goggles are going to East Surrey Hospital on the same day.

The face visors are being produced by Woldingham’s Design and Technology (DT) department using a design from a 3D printing share site (www.thingiverse.com). The school’s four 3D printers are working around the clock to produce the visors.

‘It’s really been a team effort across the DT department to produce these visors. I would like to thank everyone involved. We’ll keep making more visors and refining the design as long as we have the materials and the visors are useful,’ said Daniel Wahab, Woldingham’s Head of DT.

The goggles, usually used in science lessons, were donated after an appeal from Lucy Gillet, a senior sister at East Surrey Hospital’s A&E.

‘We cleared out the science department’s cupboards to collect all the spare goggles we could find,’ said Nicole Weatherston, Deputy Head of Academic, who is also a science teacher. ‘We want to do as much as we can to support NHS staff as this difficult time.’

Lena Abdu, primary care network manager for ABC (the confederation of GPs in East Surrey and West Sussex) who is setting up a GP-led Covid-19 response facility locally said: ‘Thank you so much to Woldingham School. These visors will be so useful to us in the coming weeks. It’s good to have the support of the whole community in responding to Covid-19.’

Alex Hutchinson, Headmistress, said: ‘I am pleased Woldingham School can play our part in supporting the NHS staff in our local area. If there is more we can do, we will.’

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