Sixth Formers build a website dedicated to creative resources for Primary School

Sixth Formers build a website dedicated to creative resources for Primary School

30 April 2020

Two Sixth Form students at St Augustine’s Priory have designed and built a website full of creative resources for Primary School children to access during Lockdown.

Lockdown and the closure of schools has meant that the curriculum for most children attending primary schools has been reduced to the core subjects. This new website has a variety of resources for the creative subjects; Art, Drama, Creative Thinking, Digital Arts, Languages and Music. One of the two web designers, Jasmine said “I hope that this initiative will have a positive impact on children during Lockdown and allow them access to more creative resources as part of their overall learning.”

The resources have mainly been drawn from the creative curriculum at St Augustine’s Priory school under the leadership of the Deputy Head for Co-Curriculum, Community and Development, Ms Hagerty.

‘Priory Purpose: Creativity Counts’ has come out of the Sixth Form initiative ‘Priory Purpose’ which is designed to reach out to the wider community, organising and taking part in a variety of activities. All pupils in the Sixth Form are members of Priory Purpose. The initiative itself can involve a range of activities which help people in the community, fundraising for various charities, organising food and clothes drives as well as a wide variety of sponsored activities. The Director of Sixth Form (Priory 6), Mrs MacLennan said “This is the kind of work that identifies our Priory 6 students as the kind, outward looking and inventive students that they are. We are incredibly proud of what they have achieved with this project.”

The Headteacher at St Augustine’s Priory says “This is exactly the right time for all of us to think about what we can do to help others and I am delighted that Jasmine and Angela have used their amazing skills to create this wonderful resource for all Primary School children, afterall it was Einstein who said that creativity was intelligence having fun.”

The website is now live and open to all children throughout the UK and beyond.

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