Wakefield Girls’ High School is recognised as world class in recent awards

Wakefield Girls’ High School is recognised as world class in recent awards

29 June 2020

Wakefield Girls’ High School is celebrating. It has been recognised as one of the very best schools in the world and become accredited as a High Performance Learning World Class School.

The award recognises schools at the forefront of educational thinking with exceptional outcomes for students. Under the leadership of Headteacher, Ms Boyes, Wakefield Girls’ High School now joins an elite global community of schools from Dubai to Mexico who routinely share practice and support each other.

“We chose to adopt the unique HPL teaching and learning framework to make even greater gains for all the girls we teach,” explains Ms Boyes. “Using this framework we can help each girl to develop the cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed to succeed in her learning and life. We are thrilled to be recognised as a school at the forefront of educational thinking that has met the demanding standards of the HPL award.

Neuroscience and cognitive psychology research has shown that there is not a fixed level of ability amongst young learners, and that the brain is more malleable than once thought. HPL provides a style of learning that removes barriers to achievement, by giving children an opportunity to develop in their own time. This reflects Wakefield Girls’ long-held belief that there is ‘room at the top’ for more students than traditional approaches suggest.

I am incredibly proud of how our teachers and students have embraced the High Performance Learning style of teaching and learning.I would particularly like to thank David Eggleston, Deputy Head and Joanna Rhodes, Assistant Head for their energy, their commitment and passion for driving the HPL philosophy in our school.

While GCSE and A Level results are high at Wakefield Girls’, success is not limited to exam results; it is about achieving academic excellence alongside a holistic education. From confidence, collaboration and risk-taking to perseverance, resilience, agile thinking and concern for society – the school ensures that the girls they teach are prepared for study, work and life. “

Professor Deborah Eyre, Chair at High Performance Learning (the accreditation body) says:

“Truly world-class schools understand that while grades are important, producing students who are intellectually and socially confident, work-place and life-ready with a global outlook and concern for others is our true aim. Wakefield Girls’ High School has worked hard to strengthen its practice and to move closer to the vision of every child becoming a high performer.”

Staff and students at Wakefield Girls’ High School had to go through a rigorous and demanding two-year journey, which was supported by HPL, to encourage all children to achieve success academically and throughout their lives.

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